Phil Spencer speaks out on Location, Location, Location future We are happy

Property: Phil Spencer says 'cleanliness' helps sell a house

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The property expert talked about the future of the Channel 4 series, which has been airing for 22 years. Phil presents the series alongside Kirstie Allsopp, with the pair helping house hunters find their perfect homes. Despite such a long stint on Location, Location, Location, the 52-year-old told there were no plans on the horizon to end the series.

“We’re happy,” Phil stated after being asked about the future of the show.

He added: “We are very happy. We’re trying to develop new programmes, new ideas.

“We make 10 Locations a year and we make eight Love It or List Its, and then there’s repeats and revisits.

“And Kirstie’s got her Christmas show and the craft shows.

“I’m developing a programme I’m hoping to be working on in September or October so that there’s plenty going on.

“We genuinely feel very lucky to have had the amount of work and to be enjoying the work that we do.

“And also to be helping people through these big decisions.”

He added the work he and Kirstie do in the show is very “rewarding”.

“I promise it’s still a buzz, it’s still a kick when you take somebody to a house and their eyes light up and they go, ‘oh, my God, this is it’.

“It’s a life moment for someone. Then they go and spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to move in, and I do the revisits which I love – going back to see people I’ve worked with and got on well with and they’ve made a lifetime decision.”

When asked why the property search programme has remained a hit with viewers after so many years, Phil said he thinks it’s because the series is “genuine”.

“I like to think it’s because it is very genuine,” he explained, adding: “I guess as a format we are all interested in where we live.

“We’re not all keen on gardening or cooking or driving cars, but we are all interested in where we live.

“So as a topic, property has potential. In terms of a TV format, buying a house or indeed on Love It or List It deciding whether to sell it or do it up, those are situations that everybody either has been through or would like to go through or knows somebody that’s going through.

“And it’s never straight-forward, it’s always emotional and always expensive, so there are lots of twists and turns.”

Phil Spencer is currently taking part in The Ideal Home Show.

In partnership with NatWest, the world’s longest-running home and interiors exhibition is currently on at Olympia London until Sunday, March 27.

He will be offering buying advice to those seeking it and offering his expertise on the housing market.

Location, Location, Location is available to watch on All4.

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