Queen’s bodyguard explains how she put people at ease with gesture

Queen Elizabeth II put 'melting' celebs at ease says Keith Hanson

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Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard spoke with Keith Hanson who was a bodyguard to the Queen until he retired in 2020. The Good Morning Britain guest opened up on his time in the role and revealed the way in which the Queen made people feel at ease when they met her. 

Ben began: “You must have seen on a number of occasions people frozen with fear and confused about the protocol.

“But always the Queen had this way about her at putting people at ease.”

Keith replied: “She did indeed. We would attend investitures where we stood just a few feet behind the Queen.

“And you then saw the people as they were called forward you would see the abject fear across their face and when they actually got in front of the Queen their eyes would widen, mouths open but nothing came out until the Queen commanded the situation.”

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“She did it with great calmness in that she would shake their hand and give them a gentle little tug and look into her eyes then asked them to relax down a little bit which they invariably did and as a result greatly enjoyed that experience,” he continued.

“But many famous people who had mixed in higher circles just melted just before her.

“But her ability to calm them down was unsurpassed.”

Susanna remarked: “Very distinctive handshake and the most important handshake they would have in their lives.”

The Queen’s former bodyguard reflected on the time he spent in the Queen’s service.

“It was a great privilege and honour to do it,” Keith commented.

Ben reflected on the Queen’s “curiosity” and her interest in the “detail of things”.

The GMB presenter noted King Charles III shared his mother’s curiosity.

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Keith said: “Absolutely. Even at the garden parties, the first thing the Queen asked was, ‘Have you travelled far?’

“She asks about them and it personalises the situation and makes them feel like she’s genuinely interested in them.”

Meanwhile, thousands of people have been queuing through the night to see the Queen’s coffin at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh. 

The Queen’s coffin will remain at the cathedral until 5pm before travelling to Tuesday. 

It will be taken to Westminster Hall where the Queen will lie in state for four days.

A national minute’s silence has been announced for 8pm on Sunday. 

Meanwhile, on Tuesday King Charles III and Camilla, the Queen Consort will fly to Northern Ireland.

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