'Real Housewives of New Jersey': Joe Giudice Has Officially Left the United States

Joe Giudice has officially left the country. The famed reality TV star was recently released from an ICE facility in Pennsylvania. His release was contingent on his commitment to leave the United States, and he has done just that. Giudice has been fighting to stay in the United States ever since his release from federal prison in March 2019, but as his stay in an ICE facility grew longer, Giudice had to get a little creative. To get a bit of freedom, he was willing to leave the country.

Why did Joe Giudice decide to leave the United States?

When Giudice was released from federal prison, fans believedthe worst was behind him. They were completely wrong. Instead of heading hometo his family after a 41-month prison sentence, Giudice was handed over to ICEagents to await deportation orders. Over the course of the last sevenmonths, Giudice has been locked up in an ICE facility while lawyers worked onan appeal.

In late September, Giudice asked a judge to allow him towait out his appeal at his home in New Jersey. The judge denied the request,stating that he believed Giudice was ‘deportable”. On Oct.3, the samejudge did grant a request to allow Giudice to await his final appeal in hisnative country.

Giudice’s flight to Italy doesn’t mean he’s giving up his fight to stay in the United States. Lawyers are still working to appeal the deportation order. It seems less and less likely, however, that Giudice will be granted permission to reside in the United States ever again.

Joe Giudice won’t be alone in Italy

Headed home to his native country, Giudice might be feeling a bit lonely. After all, he may have been born in Italy, but his entire life has unfolded in New Jersey. Thankfully, that loneliness won’t last too long. He has a few family members waiting for him on the other end.

According to InTouch, Giudice’s mother and brother landed in Italy ahead of hisarrival to get things ready for him. Allegedly, Filomena Giudice and PeterGiudice landed in Italy last week and have been fixing up a property in Naplesever since. Frank Giudice, Joe’s father, passed away in 2014.

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It is not known how long the two will be staying in Italy to help the recently released Giudice get settled. Both Peter and Filomena are United States citizens. Joe Giudice would have been eligible for citizenship in the United States before his criminal charges. He could have filed for citizenship under DACA rules or he could have filed for citizenship after marrying his wife, who was born in the United States. He failed to do either, meaning he was illegally in the country.

Will Teresa Giudice be visiting “Juicy Joe”?

Long before prison sentences were handed down, TeresaGiudice was desperately in love with her husband. The couple, who sharefour children, had no problem declaring their attraction for one another ontelevision. Two prison sentences, a mountain of debt, and one citizenship debaclelater, the shine seems to have worn off, at least for the lady of the house.

It has been reported that the 47-year-old reality TV star has been seeing a much younger man while her husband was remanded behind bars. She also was not shy about the prospect of divorce. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star told Andy Cohen that if Juicy Joe were to be deported, the couple would ultimately get divorced. She refused to consider moving to Italy or carrying on a long-distance relationship. It doesn’t appear as though Teresa has any plans to head off to Italy to kick it with Joe, at least right now.

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