'RHOD' Kameron Westcott Called Brandi Redmond out After Racist Video Resurfaced

After LeeAnne Locken came under fire for her controversial remarks towards another housewife, a video with Brandi Redmond mocking Asians has resurfaced.

Even though Kameron Westcott waited a while before opening up about Locken’s inappropriate comments, she wasted no time calling the former cheerleader out over the video.

Kameron Westcott and Brandi Redmond fought on ‘RHOD’ Season 4

At the beginning of the fourth season of Real Housewives of Dallas, the women went to newcomer Kary Brittingham’s vacation house in Careyes, Mexico.

During dinner, Kameron Westcott mentioned there were “cliques” in the group, and Redmond became upset, as she thought the philanthropist subtly meant her and Stephanie Hollman.

Therefore, the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader stood up and started cursing and screaming in Westcott’s face, causing the mother-of-two to throw a napkin at Redmond and retreat.

Additionally, she called the former cheerleader “trashy,” a word she knew Redmond hated because she lived in trailers during her childhood. The term also offended Hollman, and she called Westcott out on it at one of LeeAnne Locken’s bachelorette parties.

However, the philanthropist didn’t want to talk about it anymore and felt like Hollman chose Redmond’s side. Nonetheless, Redmond and Westcott seemingly made amends and were friendly with each other once the season ended.

Brandi Redmond mocked Asians in resurfaced video

Almost immediately after Part 1 of the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion aired, Locken’s wedding planner, Steve Kemble, tweeted an old video of Redmond impersonating Asians in a high-pitched accent and broken English with her children right behind her.

According to the former cheerleader, she made the video three years ago in response to fellow housewife D’Andra Simmons who called her eyes “squinty.”

Redmond went back and forth with several Twitter users who criticized her behavior and insisted she was “making fun of herself,” had no “intentions” of hurting anyone, “impersonates people for laughter and not pain,” and didn’t cause harm to anyone.

However, RHOD fans began tweeting Bravo and asked them to fire both Locken and Redmond for their “racist behavior.”

Kameron Westcott called Brandi Redmond out for the video

After Redmond’s “impersonation” went viral, Westcott reposted the video to her Instagram story admitting her co-star made a mistake.

She also posted another response, writing, “I was comfortable calling out LeeAnne as a friend for her comments, and I am comfortable calling Brandi out as a friend as well. None of this is ok. I can’t believe we even have to go over these things in 2020. I will not take part in humiliating anyone, but I have to say that these things will not fly, and I am not going to sit and say nothing about it either. I hope we can all learn to be accepting and love one another.”

Some fans criticized Westcott for calling Redmond out when it seemed as if she wasn’t going to confront Locken until her husband advised her to do so. Others praised Westcott for learning her lesson and stepping up immediately this time to say something.

Bravo has not officially confirmed the fifth season for Real Housewives of Dallas, but if there is one, the video will get addressed.

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