RHONJ Teresa Giudice refuses to end Jackie Goldschneider feud as costar 'fu**ed up' for claiming Gia, 20, does cocaine

REAL Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice slammed co-star Jackie Goldschneider as a "cry baby" amid their feud.

The 48-year-old said Jackie "royally f**ked up" when she claimed her 20-year-old daughter Gia does cocaine.

Jackie, 44, and Teresa's feud has been documented throughout the first few episodes of the latest season of the Bravo show.

During Wednesday's episode, Teresa spoke about the drama with her brother Joe Gorga and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga as they went out to dinner.

Jackie admitted to the couple that the feud was the "lowest point of her adult life" during last week's episode of RHONJ.

While out to dinner to celebrate Joe's birthday on the latest episode, Teresa yelled about Jackie: "She royally f**ked up for saying Gia was snorting coke in the bathroom."

Melissa, 41, said Jackie "wasn't saying Gia was" and that she "apologized" and is "very upset."

Joe recalled talking to Jackie as he told the group: "She came right up to us. She was like, 'I want to apologize.' It was sincere."

Melissa then asked Teresa to admit she was "wrong" for spreading the rumor Jackie's husband was cheating on her at his birthday party, while Teresa yelled: "She didn't find out at the birthday party! Tell her to stop being a f**king cry baby!"

When Joe asked Teresa to make up with Jackie as his "birthday wish," she said that she'll "be the bigger person" and shared her plans to invite her enemy to her upcoming get together.

Despite receiving an invitation, Jackie didn't show up to the pool party.

During the season premiere, Jackie became frustrated when Teresa refused to admit she had "no evidence" behind Evan's infidelity rumor.

When Teresa continuously refused to shut down the rumor that she "heard," Jackie made the accusations against Gia.

She claimed: "I heard that Gia snorts coke at the bathroom at parties! I heard it! I don't know who I heard it from. I heard it from somebody."

Teresa angrily responded by calling Jackie a "f**king b**h" and stormed out of the room as she continued to cuss her out.

The drama continued into the next episode, which captured the other RHONJ stars trying to convince Teresa to call a truce with Jackie.

While on a getaway trip, the other women admitted they can see why Jackie was be offended by Teresa's claims because the rumor affected her marriage.

Teresa said: “Jackie is weak and she has no backbone. When someone said something similar to me, I was like whatever no big deal because I was confident in my marriage.”

Despite her claims, a throwback clip followed that showed Teresa losing her cool while being cheated on in 2017.

Melissa defended Jackie as she told Teresa: “You were 100% wrong for bringing it up at the party instead of telling it to Jackie directly.”

Teresa became furious and got up from the table and said: “I’m leaving, you’re all a**holes. Go f**k yourselves I’m serious.”

After Teresa slammed the door, the cast followed her in the room and end up hashing it out. 

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