'RHOP' Star Katie Rost Accuses Former Governor Chris Christie of Expunging 'Several' of Her Ex-Husband's Assault Cases

Real Housewives of Potomac star Katie Rost took to Instagram to accuse the former governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, of expunging several of her ex-husband’s cases, including “assault, drug cases” and a “domestic abuse case” involving Rost.

The 39-year-old housewife has accused her husband of assault several times before, and he has denied all allegations.

Katie Rost and ex-husband James Orsini background

Even though the future couple met in 1997, they didn’t begin a romantic relationship until much later as they got married in 2011. The following year, they welcomed a son into the world, followed by twin daughters in 2013.

Shortly after becoming pregnant with her daughters, Rost left her ex-husband and accused him of abusing her throughout her pregnancy. The 39-year-old has told her story several times and is currently working on a film about her life as a model dealing with abuse titled “Bergen,” which represents the New Jersey county she used to live in with Orsini.

For the past few years, the couple has been locked in a tense custody battle over their three children who currently live with Orsini and his new wife. In Real Housewives of Potomac Season 4, Rost made a few appearances as a friend of the show.

Her custody battle became a topic of conversation after the mother-of-three went off on Darby and called her “stupid” during a Cayman Islands vacation.

Offended, Darby shot back at Rost, and they ended up getting into several fights that night. However, the next morning, Darby realized Rost was going through a hard time, and she should give her a break.

Rost’s behavior during the vacation before abruptly leaving concerned viewers as they thought the 39-year-old housewife could have been high on drugs.

Katie Rost accuses James Orsini of sexual assault and Chris Christie of hiding it

On October 13th, Rost posted a slideshow of two pictures. First, a screenshot from a website about a “venture partnership” with a retired OB-GYN and “a cannabis manufacturing facilities manager and Zidziunas.”

It also says the “medical advisory board” has three doctors and two nurses, including Dr. James Orsini. Then, she posted what looks like a police report filed in New Jersey for a woman named Kathryn born July 7th, 1979, against a 5’10, 190 lb Englewood-native named James Orsini.

The document goes on to describe a violent encounter, stating, “After a previous argument and assault in NY, Def came home and again assault the Pla by striking her and kicking her as well as strangling her to the point where she believed she was about to lose consciousness. Actor also digitally penetrated the rectum of the Pla while taunting her, telling her that he hated her and wanted her to leave the apartment.”

She captioned the post, saying she was “disappointed” about the partnership because “James was busted for selling a pound of marijuana,” and Chris Christie allegedly hid the case.

Rost went on to accuse her ex-husband of abusing her and their children, and ended by saying people should “look into it.” A follower asked if he was convicted, and she responded, explaining he “pled it out” and “there were several” including “assault, drug cases, and this domestic abuse case that I was involved in. All have been expunged by Chris Christie.”

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