Ruhma worries as an experienced midwife struggles during a birth in Doctors

As one of Letherbridge’s foremost midwives, Ruhma Carter (Barti Patel) has certainly delivered a fair few babies in her time in Doctors.

But even her success pales in comparison to that of her colleague, Adama Sadu (Maxine Finch) who this week is poised to carry out her 5,000th delivery.

The baby in question is the child of young couple, Jade and Eli (Stephanie Siadatan and Sam Oladeinde). But when something goes wrong soon after the birth, Adama proves unable to help.

Happily, Ruhma steps in and saves the day. But Adama nevertheless has important questions to answer. Eli is angry with Adama and is keen to report her over what has happened.

Ruhma confronts Adama privately.

Why couldn’t she help the baby at the crucial moment? Does Adama have something wrong with her?

For all her success in the past, Adama clearly has some important decisions to make about her future.

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