Sarah Michelle Gellar addresses cancellation fears

Wolf Pack: Paramount+ releases trailer for new series

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Wolf Pack has now launched on Paramount Plus and the supernatural teen drama stars Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Ahead of the show’s official launch, she joked during a question and answer session about being “cancelled” for previous things she has done and said. When asked if being cancelled was a genuine fear of hers, she opened up to and other press.

She explained: “Sure, I think it’s in the back of everyone’s mind.

“I think I was talking the other day with someone about young actors and how it has to be so hard.

“Because you don’t know a lot when you are young, you have to live life to experience.

“And we have to have forgiveness in our hearts, people have to be allowed to make mistakes.

“Because we have always said failure is the first attempt in learning and we make mistakes.

“They are only mistakes if we don’t learn from them.

“So do I believe that something someone says at 16 because they are ignorant should be held against them for the rest of their lives? No, probably not.

“But if that person continues to exhibit that behaviour, then yeah.

She went on to explain how in today’s world, anyone is at risk of causing offence.

She added: “I don’t think I’m the person that would say something necessarily that would get you cancelled.

“But in this day and age there is a trigger for that and maybe… I just hope that my community would come out when I said it didn’t have that intention.

“A lot of the time I go for the joke and sometimes they land and sometimes they don’t.

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“I don’t want comedians also to feel terrified to tell a joke because jokes are the same thing.

“It’s how we explain things we are uncomfortable with, it breaks the ice.”

Sarah has been extremely selective about the roles she has taken since Buffy came to an end.

The star said she was initially reluctant to do another supernatural teen drama, especially about werewolves.

However, after reading creator Jeff Davis’ scripts, she was hooked and wanted to be involved.

Jeff, who was also present at the question and answer session, said Buffy had a huge influence on his work.

He said: “It was a big influence in that the dialogue was so witty, the characters felt so real and there were real moments of emotion.

“It wasn’t just a monster of the week show, it was… you cared for those characters immensely.”

Wolf Pack airs on Fridays on Paramount Plus

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