Seven Emmerdale spoilers as Ethan is brutally attacked by Jordan

WHILE he tried to move forward with his career, Ethan Anderson didn't expect to put his life in danger.

This week in Emmerdale, Jordan Greenlow shows his true colours. Get the lowdown on all the drama.

1. Al flies to Ethan's rescue

But before Jack Parr's character tries to intimidate his own legal counsel (portrayed by Emile John) with his fists, he tries to use his words to terrorise him into compliance.

Coming up, new Dales villain Jordan confronts Ethan once again and admits to him he is part of a gang.

Unfortunately for him, businessman Al Chapman (played by Harry Potter actor Michael Wildman) witnesses the exchange and takes a stand to try and save the day.

While he has accustomed ITV viewers to his scheming and manipulative tactics, Al agrees to go to the police.

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He eventually confronts Ethan about representing Jordan who – as fans may already know – has been accused of assaulting Billy Fletcher.

The attack is thought to be racially motivated.

Once Al shares his concerns with Ethan, the solicitor is faced with his father Charles' own doubts and decides to pull out of the case, regardless of the consequences for his career.

But the drastic decision causes him more trouble and his life could even be hanging in the balance.

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Ethan's life is in danger this weekCredit: ITV

2. Jordan makes a new victim

Ethan is soon shown that following Al and his father's advice was a terrible slip of judgement as Jordan will let nothing go.

The solicitor breaks the news that he is dropping him as a client in his office with his wife Courtney as a witness but the thug doesn't take the rejection well.

His latent racism becomes increasingly apparent and, unable to cope with his outburst, Courtney storms out.

But his wife's exit only makes Jordan angrier, increasing his ire towards Ethan.

Much to Ethan's relief, he leaves the office – only to reappear much later.

Relaxed and happy, Ethan leaves his office and makes plans for the evening with Marcus Dean.

Unbeknownst to him, Jordan is following close behind.

At the subway, Ethan is alarmed to be accosted by Jordan but the latter's racist tirade is too hard to take in without retaliating.

Ethan calls him out for what he is… and Jordan responds by throwing him to the floor.

The solicitor is filled with dread over what Jordan is capable of.

What will happen next?

3. Suzy is rattled by Holly Barton

While Vanessa Woodfield was the first villager to break the ice with Suzy Merton (played by actress Martelle Edinborough), the newcomer's secrets are slowly unravelling.

In recent episodes, it was revealed she even knew Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) already as the pair have a habit of taking drugs together.

This week, however, Suzy's is unsettled as her unexpected connection with another villager comes to light.

It all begins when Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb) is inspired by Suzy's creativity as she suggests she hire out her barns on the farm for weddings.

Suzy inadvertently puts her foot in it when she asks Moira about using the field where her daughter Holly is buried.

Leyla points to a photo of the late character and Suzy is shocked to recognise Holly from her picture but remains silent.

Leyla’s confused when an unsettled Suzy bolts from Moira’s after repeatedly staring at Holly’s photo.

4. Leyla discovers a shocking secret

She eventually finds Suzy in the café as she surreptitiously browses through an online remembrance page for Holly Barton.

Suzy is unable to keep the truth a secret and quickly comes clean to Leyla.

The newbie admits to Leyla that she knew Holly all along and opens up.

Emmerdale fans may remember that Holly (portrayed by Sophie Powles) was found dead by her mother Moira after attending a friend's wedding.

Holly passed away at 25 in September, 2016, from a heroin overdose and her family have struggled to find answers around her death.

Could Suzy bring Moira some closure?

5. Moira is appalled by Cain

Speaking of blissfully unaware Moira, the farm owner has more family matters on her plate which are just as troubling.

This week, Moira has had enough of her husband Cain Dingle's (Jeff Hordley) attitude towards his mother Faith (Sally Dexter).

In a shocking scene, Cain loudly wishes his mother would die, despite Faith trying to build a bridge with him – right in front of Moira.

How will she react?

Little do they know Faith could be keeping yet another devastating secret.

6. Faith apologises to Dan

Meanwhile, Cain isn't the only resident Faith is trying to make up to.

In upcoming scenes, Faith apologises to Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) for breaking one of his windows.

Earlier, Faith lost her temper and attacked Dan's adoptive daughter Amelia (Daisy Campbell).

Faith ended up grabbing and throwing one of Amelia's dumbbells through the window of their home, thus causing considerable damage.

Moira was a witness to the incident and the police even had to be called.

How will Dan react to Faith's apology?

7. Marlon suffers from another setback

After a horrific stroke and a bout of pneumonia, Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) finally returns home again to continue his recovery.

Coming up, Rhona's mother Mary (Louise Jameson) tries to reassure him before he goes back to Smithy Cottage.

Once he has returned, Marlon is still anxious as his physio Kit arrives to assist him with the next stage of his recovery.

In later scenes, Marlon is feeling more deflated after finding his physio session is a struggle.

To try and help him, Kit recommends painting to rehabilitate his motor control but Marlon’s quick to reject the idea.

Mary soon becomes another source of support for the village chef.

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