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TENSIONS have been at an all-time high between Rishi and Jai Sharma after a huge family secret was uncovered.

Wedding bells are ringing next week in Emmerdale but one absence could be hinting at a dark twist ahead.

Jai Sharma (portrayed by Chris Bisson) recently discovered that he was adopted after his mother Georgia had an affair with an unknown man.

While he tried to pry the truth out of his adoptive father Rishi (Bhasker Patel), Jai was furious when it seemed like he wasn't being told everything about his parentage.

Both men have been at loggerheads ever since, a situation weighing heavily on the rest of Jai's large family as he gets ready to walk down the aisle with Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy).

Next week on ITV, Laurel's son Arthur (Alfie Clarke) makes efforts to repair the strained relationship between Rishi and Jai prior to the wedding, but his attempts prove unsuccessful.

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Rishi is left in a state of depression as he realises how damaged his relationship with Jai really is.

But Jai is taken aback when a taxi arrives at Mulberry Cottage, and his mother Georgia (EastEnders star Lin Blakley) emerges from it.

Jai's initial shock turns into anger, as he demands his mother to return home.

Laurel, on the other hand, strives to mend the rift within the family before her big day and tries to convince Jai to resolve the issues.

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Unfortunately, Jai's feelings and decisions remain unreadable.

Things only get worse when, in a drunken state, Rishi encounters Georgia while heading to confront Jai.

To Laurel's shock, Rishi soon makes a hurtful comment about her past abortion and Georgia becomes furious at the escalation caused by Rishi's intoxicated outburst.

The following day, Jai's troubles seem to evaporate and he is astonished when a resplendent Laurel descends the stairs in her wedding dress.

Their joy is dampened by the sudden arrival of Rishi and Georgia and Jai is left reeling when his father finally reveals the identity of his real father.

Jai paces restlessly, attempting to comprehend the shocking revelation, while Rishi becomes defensive.

Tensions escalate between Georgia, Jai, and Rishi, resulting in a heated argument and Rishi storms out.

Frustrated, Jai assures Georgia he wants her to attend the wedding and she is grateful when he relents and allows Rishi to be present as well.

In the church, Georgia leaves a pleading message for Rishi, urging him to come to the wedding.

But will he actually show up?

At Holdgate, Rishi listens to Georgia's message, despite feeling hurt and angry.


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As the ceremony begins, Rishi is still a no show as Jai and Laurel exchange vows and are pronounced married.

However, despite the joyous moment, Jai deeply regrets Rishi's absence on this important day.

But could there be more to Rishi staying away from the ceremony?

Could their argument have been their last interaction?

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Will Jai come to regret pushing Rishi away?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

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