Soap spoilers in full – Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and EastEnders

It's going to be a dramatic week in soapland. Find out what's coming up this week in EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Home And Away, from August 21.

After Elaine persuades George and Gina to give her their blessing to try to make contact, Anna leaves a message for her mum.

However, unbeknownst to her, it’s intercepted by Ian in France, who deletes it – but not before Peter discovers he has two sisters living in Walford.

When Bobby also gets in touch to say Kathy has put the chippy up for sale, it gives Peter the perfect excuse to go home and meet his unsuspecting siblings, but how will he feel when he discovers his brother has a soft spot for Anna? And what will Ian do when Cindy reveals she’s thinking of going back to the Square to get her son?

Theo is annoyed when Stacey abandons him to help Suki look for a drunken Eve, but he later spots a chance to get Eve out of the picture.

Phil persuades Alfie to take his health scare seriously, even suggesting he’ll get his own prostate tested, and Yolande’s ex Anton turns up to deliver an ultimatum.

With money tight at the moment, Peter asks Ryan to start paying rent. Although he initially thinks asking for some shifts at the bistro is the way forward, Ryan soon gets the idea of selling explicit images of his body to his followers thanks to a cheeky message from a fan.

The cash soon starts flowing in and requests from subscribers get increasingly demanding. However, one derogatory remark about Ryan’s scarring sends him into an uncontrollable rage – to Carla’s horror.

Paul begins struggling with his mobility, and against his wishes he’s forced to consider using a wheelchair. To make matters worse, he breaks down on realising he’s taking part in his last-ever Pride event.

Todd accepts a lucrative job offer from a rival undertaker, so Mary replaces him by George’s side. Cassie is less than pleased about meeting Kev and Abi, and as Lily celebrates her birthday, Max learns he’s passed his GCSEs.

Charity lives up to her name when she offers to let Mackenzie and Chloe use the Woolpack for Reuben’s christening party. Mack is so impressed by her generosity that he ends up in a passionate embrace with her.

Moira warns her brother that he’s playing with fire, but as the day of the christening arrives, it’s clear Mack is still feeling torn between Charity and Chloe.

Paddy finds Mary crying in a field when she’s supposed to be out on a date, which makes him late to support Marlon as he prepares to get behind the wheel again. Rhona decides that all three of them need to start facing their fears and arranges a day when they can do just that.

Samson is hugely impressed when Lydia’s friend from the children’s home, Craig, drops her off in a flash car, but Sam just feels inadequate.

Charles is annoyed that Victor has got his claws back into Claudette, and Manpreet feels torn when Jai asks her to return a necklace that Rishi gave her.

Rayne and Romeo stage a dramatic scene at the Love Boat to get influencer-manager Faye’s attention, but perhaps Rayne should be keeping a lower profile as a lot of people are asking questions about her behaviour.

After Lizzie backs up his story about what happened on the night of the attack, Prince starts to worry that Rayne is dangerous. He and Peri share their fears with James, who decides to do some digging into her past.

Meanwhile, Romeo gets his own glimpse of Rayne’s darker side when he hears her berating Lacey and Nadira, but how will she react to being confronted?

GCSE results day proves too much for Charlie, and Darren admits to Tony that he’s considering resorting to desperate measures to help the troubled teen.

Felix misses a family meal for a fight but promises Sharon that he is going to give it up. However, he’s soon back at the fight club, asking for another bout, even if he doesn’t get paid…

Cindy worries about getting closer to Dave, and Donna-Marie pays an emotional visit to Juliet’s grave.

When a woman named Tegan gets in touch, claiming to be Andrew’s sister, Justin insists on meeting her first. Her story checks out and she’s keen to make up for lost time with her brother, but when she suggests they start a new life together, is she moving too fast?

Lyrik are delighted when their first recording sessions goes well, especially considering the amount of bickering beforehand. However, Remi’s happiness proves short-lived when Mercedes makes a move on him, leaving him feeling guilty that he didn’t spot the signs that she was interested.

Marilyn refuses to betray the victims of the explosion by attending a Stunning Organics press conference, even if the new CEO is offering her a $25,000 sweetener. However, Alf persuades her that she should accept – and then takes to the podium in her place to expose the truth about the company.

Mali is struggling to make ends meet now he can’t take surf classes, and the locals are intrigued when they notice how much John and Irene seem to be enjoying each other’s company.

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