'Southern Charm' Star Craig Conover Is Completely Different When Shep Rose Is Not Around

Talk about a split personality. Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy says Craig Conover is a completely different person whenever Shep Rose is not around. During a season 6 episode of Southern Charm, Conover dropped a bombshell to LeCroy’s boyfriend, Austen Kroll, telling him that he should probably cut ties with his co-star because she is trying to get with other men. Based on what Conover said, one might think that he and LeCroy are not on the best of terms. LeCroy, however, claims that could not be further from the truth.

LeCroy says Conover is completely different around her

Kroll and LeCroy’s romance was about as up and down as it gets. The two split up and reunited on several occasions. They also experienced a few cheating scandals along the way. But that did not stop them from giving love another try.

On one episode of Southern Charm, Conover and Rose had alittle chat with Kroll about his relationship with LeCroy. The best friendstold Kroll that it was in his best interest to cut ties with his girlfriend,whom they say has been hitting on men on social media. Many fans took this asConover shading LeCroy, but she claims that the situation is a little morecomplicated than that.

According to RealityTea, LeCroy has no hard feelings towards Conover or Rose, eventhough Kroll broke up with her. Instead, LeCroy believes that Kroll should beheld responsible for pulling the plug on their relationship. He is, after all,a grown matter and is fully capable of making decisions without anyone’s help.

She then went on to say that Conover acts differently when it isjust them hanging out. She also assured fans that she could never stay mad atConover, even if she wanted to.

“It’s so crazy because he acts so chill when it’s just mearound him on my own, and then he has a lot of things to say.  I’m nevermad at Craig. I mean, come on,” LeCroy shared.

Will LeCroy and Kroll get back together?

Despite everything that Kroll has done, LeCroy sounded like sheis open to getting back together with him. In fact, when she was asked aboutreuniting with Kroll at some point down the road, LeCroy said that it is apossibility.

According to Bravo,she also explained how she can never really quit the Southern Charm star,mostly because they have such a great time hanging out. That does not mean thetwo will ever rekindle their romance, but it definitely sounds like LeCroy isleaving the door open.

“He’s something I cannot stop. We just have a good timetogether, and it’s hard to convince everyone that this is your relationshipwhen they are looking from the outside,” LeCroy explained.

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Whatever happens between the two, fans can rest assured that their relationship will be brought up on the next season of Southern Charm. Conover and Rose should also get used to LeCroy hanging around, especially if she is willing to give her romance with Kroll another shot.

Kroll has not said anything about LeCroy’s recent comments.LeCroy also recently revealed that she is not actively looking to date and thatshe still cares a lot about her former boyfriend.

Inside Kroll and LeCroy’s ‘Southern Charm’ breakup

Kroll confirmed that he is no longer dating LeCroy during apromotional clip for the season 6 reunion of Southern Charm. The realitystar opened up about the split during an appearance with Andy Cohen on WatchWhat Happens Live, where he admitted that he still cares for her. Based onLeCroy’s recent interview, it is safe to say that she feels the same. That doesnot mean they will get back together, but it is good to know that they are opento the idea.

Following the reunion, LeCroy opened up about the possibility ofhaving a friendship with Rose. Considering their previous interactions, most fans would think that arelationship between the co-stars is completely out of the question.

LeCroy, however, revealed that she is totally open to hanging outwith Rose — but only under one condition. LeCroy would stay in the same room asRose as long as he was a little high on edibles. No word yet on if Rose wouldconsider taking LeCroy up on that proposition, but there is little doubt thatfans would love to see that happen.

Southern Charm returns with new episodes in 2020.

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