Spoilers: Kim prepares to destroy Graham in vicious Emmerdale revenge

Kim Tate (Claire King) is not an enemy anyone wants to have and Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) knows better than most what the Emmerdale villain is capable of. By crossing her tonight and almost destroying her relationship with her son Jamie (Alexander Lincoln), he has put himself in her firing line. And she is determined to destroy him.

For years, Graham has been Kim’s right hand man and has carried out many criminal orders on her behalf but, of late, he has started to break free of her spell. With Kim seething with jealousy that Graham is now in a relationship with Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry), she has felt her control slipping. And Kim is a woman who likes to be in complete control.

As the animosity between Graham and Kim exploded tonight and led to the revelation that Jamie was involved in having her sent to prison, she was left reeling. But with Jamie apologising to his mum and vowing things were different now, Kim’s target for her fury is Graham.

As Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) caught up with Kim and asked her what she was going to do about Graham’s actions and show of disrespect towards her, she made it clear that she plans to make him sorry for crossing her.

As Al twisted the knife by telling her that Graham was with Rhona again, this just further infuriated Kim, who told Al that she was going to make Graham regret all of his mistakes and that his past was about to come back and haunt him in a major way – but what has she got planned and how far is she prepared to go in order to get her revenge?

Graham may have a fearsome edge but is he any match for the mighty and bitter Kim Tate?

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