Stacey Solomon fans spot seriously naughty word on BBC show before watershed

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    Stacey Solomon fans spotted a rather rude word on her show Sort Your Life Out – and were gobsmacked to see it before the watershed.

    Telly fave Stacey was back on the BBC to help out the Edgar-Whelan family in just seven days after their home had become quite cluttered and untidy. And as Stacey and her team, organiser Dilly and carpenter Rob, were looking round, fans noticed the naughty word.

    In the utility room, the team was discussing things when Rob could be seen leaning on the fridge. And there, spelled out in fridge magnets, was the word "queef".

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    The slang term is used to describe the sound made when air comes out of the vagina, often during or after sex. And while it's not quite as rude as an F-bomb, viewers still couldn't believe they'd seen it on a pre-watershed BBC show.

    One laughed: "Just seen the word queef on the fridge. That's brilliant." Another asked: "Anyone else notice queef written on the fridge lol."

    It even made its way to TikTok, with one user sharing the moment and saying: "This is really stupid schoolboy humour, but I'm just watching Stacey Solomon's Sort Your Life Out, quite nice sweet programme, but in this episode, they're sorting out the utility room. I can never focus on what you're meant to focus on so I was just naturally drifting off looking at the fridge and I was like, 'Wait, does that say queef?'

    "It does, doesn't it? I've rewinded it, that definitely says queef. Did no-one notice that during the editing? This is like my perfect s*** sense of humour because I love that no-one's noticed that and it's there and they're talking seriously about this utility room and queef is… it's such a good word because because it's not offensive it's just a little bit funny that they were having a serious conversation right next to the queef."

    Someone in the comments laughed: "The best bit is someone in the family will have set this up before filming hoping nobody would notice." Someone else said: "Feel like Stacey Solomon would actually love this."

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