Stacey Solomon terrified as fans spot 'spirit of her dead dog Theo' in spooky Instagram video

STACEY Solomon was left terrified after fans told her they spotted the spirit of her dead dog Theo in one of her Instagram videos.

The 32-year-old was left heartbroken over Christmas when the 11-year-old dog died – but could see the funny side when she realised what her followers had actually seen.

Trying to fight back her laughter, Stacey revealed the ‘spirit of Theo’ was in fact a dog skeleton prop left over from Halloween.

She explained: “I got a message saying ‘Wow Stace looks like there are two little feed poking out of your arches there. Maybe it’s Theo’s spirit.’ I’m not laughing because I don’t think she’s here.

“I actually think she is, god love her. I am laughing because it freaked me out because I could see the feet as well and thought what the hell is that.

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“Turns out we didn’t pack away this Halloween toy. It’s not Theo. I promise that is not Theo, oh my god imagine!”

She then showed her followers the skeleton toy again as she walked around the grounds of Pickle Cottage.

Stacey has been struggling with Theo's passing after she "fell asleep" in her arms on December 27th.

The pooch has been buried in the grounds of their home, which means Stacey has been able to visit his grave whenever she needs a chance to reflect.

She told her fans: "She's resting under the magnolia tree.

"I think about her most at night because it's when she would be excited to jump on my lap for cuddles once the boys were in bed.

"Today I thought about her a lot looking through my old videos trying to find videos of when we moved here.

"But I know wherever she is she's happy and keeping someone's lap warm."

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