Strictly Come Dancing: ‘I walked out’ Chris Ramsey reveals row with wife over BBC show

Chris Ramsey joined Lorraine Kelly on her show this morning to chat about his new show on Amazon Prime and his appearance on Strictly Come Dancing.

The comedian explained how he got the “bug” for the show after an audition trying out some dance moves but he added he’s had to avoid practising with his wife Rosie.

Chris, whose professional dance partner will be confirmed on Saturday, explained the pair have argued over his training rather than the infamous “curse”.

Lorraine asked: “What about the curse? Is your wife worried?”

“No, well, we’ve joked about the curse completely right,” Chris replied. “Everyone says about the Strictly curse but me and my wife have been together for seven years, married for five years.

“We have a three-year-old son but more importantly, the top podcast in the UK. If you think I’m jeopardising that.”

Lorraine noted: “She can dance though, she’s a good dancer.”

“Yeah, she’s annoyingly, she’s a good dancer, she’s a good singer, she’s a good actress, she’s funny, it’s irritating,” Chris laughed.

As a video played of Chris’ wife dancing with their toddler, Chris went on to add practising routines together haven’t gone so well.

“So, she did for a couple of minutes try to teach me a couple of steps and we argued literally after a couple of minutes,” he revealed.

“She sat down and went, ‘Well you’ll have to listen,’ and I went, ‘Well they’ll be nicer than you,’ and walked out.”

Chris continued: “What she’s told me is to commit to stuff. If I’m coming to flick my hand out, then flick my hand out and commit, finish your move.

“There’s two things, finish your move and sort your face out. I will try to sort my face out but no promises.”

The pair could then be seen laughing as Chris joked about his concentration face during rehearsals.

Chris isn’t the only star who’s been receiving tips ahead of the star-studded launch this weekend.

BBC Breakfast host Mike Bushell has revealed former contestant Carol Kirkwood dished out some advice about the show.

He revealed: “I’ve got a lot of BBC Breakfast colleagues who have already done Strictly and two of them won, so no pressure there.

“Carol Kirkwood and Naga Munchetty who did it said, ‘Please just go and enjoy it, put a smile on your smile on your face and don’t worry about it too much’.

“I think if you get too tense with every step or every move you will just fall to pieces. I think it’s a case of enjoying the ride for as long as it lasts.”

Strictly Come Dancing begins Saturday on BBC One at 7.10pm.

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