Strictlys James and Ola Jordan now from being homeless last year to weight loss

James Jordan and his wife Ola first graced our screens taking part in BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.

The famous professional dancers first met at a Blackpool dance competition in 1999 with Ola admitting she thought James was "tall and very good-looking." A few years later, James and Ola joined the fourth series of Strictly in 2006.

But although things appeared to be going well for the couple, behind the scenes, outspoken James was becoming known for his "bad boy" behaviour. So much so that the BBC decided to reduce his involvement in the show and news of a feud quickly emerged in 2014 when James told fans that he declined to accept their new offer.

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He said at the time: "Yes it's true I WILL NOT be returning to 'BURN THE FLOOR'…. Sorry, I mean 'Strictly Come Dancing. However…… not believe everything the BBC have written in their statement."

Following his departure, Ola then decided to leave a year later. Daily Star has taken a look at what happened after they called it quits.


In 2022, James revealed that he, Ola and their daughter Ella were "homeless" following a clash with a "rude" landlord. Taking to social media at the time, James revealed that things went downhill when he met with a landlord at a rental company.

Sharing insight into what happened, he said: "We are currently in the process of moving and need to move into rented accommodation for about six months. We found a rental property we liked and went this morning to meet the landlord.

"I have never been spoken to so rudely! Especially in front of Ola and Ella," he continued. "It was almost like it was a setup.

"I hope no one out there has experienced this with a landlord. He spoke down to us from the minute I shook his hand." He then added: "Currently homeless. Anyone want to take Ola, Ella and myself for Christmas?"

Ola and James decided to sell their £2.5million mansion as they felt it was no longer practical and was not cost-efficient to run. This year the couple moved into their five-bedroom property which is "half the size" of their previous home.

Tragic death

In 2021, the family suffered a major blow when James lost his father. James' dad Allan had a Stage Four brain tumour, a glioblastoma.

Sharing the devastating news on social media in April 2021, James wrote: "My dad became an angel at 8.05am. I will forever miss him. My dad will always be my HERO. RIP Daddy."

He then added: "I pray to God that you come soon and make him one of your angels. He has his bags packed and is ready to go and see his mum and dad again. My dad is my hero. @BrainTumourOrg needs your support."

The star later took to social media again to give fans more understanding of what happened to his dad. In a candid video he said: "My dad had a Stage Four brain tumour, a glioblastoma.

"He was diagnosed approximately one year ago, and myself and my family watched him slowly disappear. It's an absolutely horrendous, horrendous disease.

"Cancer is awful no matter which cancer it is, but brain tumour in particular takes away that person's identity a lot."

Weight loss

The former Strictly couple left fans stunned when they lost six and a half stone between them. Jordan and James revealed they were told they were "obese" by doctors following their "unflattering" swimsuit pic that they posted on social media.

But the couple revealed that they only made small changes to their diet which gave them astonishing results. Ola said: "The main thing that we did was Dance Shred, to be honest, and working out together, dancing together at home with Ella.

"Then we cleaned up our diet, so we didn't cut out anything, we still eat everything." James added: "It's portion sizes."

Improved sex life

Following their dramatic weight loss, Ola revealed that her sex life with James improved immensely. After slimming down, the pair revealed that they became more attracted to each other.

Sharing more saucy details about their bedroom antics, Ola said: "We were definitely having sex less. That happens when you become parents – Ella still climbs into our bed at night!

"The va-va-voom is back and the sex is better because James can pick me up and throw me about again! I’d go so far as to say the sex is as good as when we first got together!" She gushed.

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