Sunday Brunch: Simon Rimmer addresses technical problems ’Taking so long to fix!’

Sunday Brunch: Tim Lovejoy apologises for technical issues

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Channel 4 has been suffering several technical problems ever since the channel went off air on Saturday night. Viewers were left confused after the holding screen displayed for 25 minutes before normal output resumed. Now, Sunday Brunch appears to be the latest programme impacted by the issues. However, on Sunday morning, presenters Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy were quick to acknowledge the persisting problems.

On Sunday morning’s show, some viewers saw footage of the cast and crew in the studio during the advert break.

Fans swiftly took to Twitter to flag the issue, with many pointing out they were accidentally getting a sneak peek behind the scenes of Sunday Brunch.

@redbeardthe6th questioned: “Should we be seeing behind the scenes during ad breaks on @SundayBrunchC4 ?! #sundaybrunch.”

“Here’s an exclusive Behind The Scenes live footage #DuringTheAdBreak #SundayBrunch,” @Attila_hun remarked.

“I just thought I’d found my way into a secret #SundayBrunch portal and was part of the production team. In reality someone didn’t send us to the ads and heads will roll,” @2ducksva commented.

@mxlothar added: “Loving the behind the scenes #sundaybrunch.”

Meanwhile, other viewers claimed there were issues with the sound on the programme too.

Following the disruptions, Tim explained to viewers the channel was experiencing some “technical issues”.

The presenter said: “Viewers on Channel 4, All4 and other platforms may have noticed we’re experiencing a few technical issues this morning.

“People are working very hard behind the scenes to fix it,” he reassured viewers.

Meanwhile, Simon was ducked down behind the Sunday Brunch kitchen counter, banging on the units, pretending to fix the problems.

Realising what his co-star was doing, Tim jokingly asked: “How are you getting on?”

“It’s nearly there Tim, yeah,” Simon replied, poking fun at the situation.

Tim remarked: “Were you fixing that fuse with a hammer?”

“Well, I didn’t have a hammer,” Simon said as he lifted up a couple of metal spoons.

“It’s why it’s taking so long to fix,” he laughed.

Giggling at the antics of his co-host, Tim said: “A couple of spoons and a ladle.”

The issues were also acknowledged on Sunday Brunch’s official Twitter account, giving fans an update.

The post read: “Viewers on @Channel4, @All4 and other platforms may have noticed we are experiencing a few technical problems this morning.

“People are working very hard behind the scenes to fix them! #SundayBrunch.”

Channel 4 also updated viewers in a post on Twitter: “We continue to experience disruption to our services due to technical issues.

“We’re working hard to resume our normal services and appreciate your continued understanding and patience.”

Sunday Brunch airs Sundays at 9:30am on Channel 4.

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