Superhero Bits: Xfinity Dunks on 'Dark Phoenix', Mahershala Ali Passed on Commissioner Gordon & More

Why did a little girl get escorted to school by Batman? What advice did Robert Downey Jr. give to Tom Holland? What recent record did Avengers: Endgame just break? Could Captain Marvel make an appearance in the Shang-Chi movie? Is Mysterio really dead or could he return as part of Sinister Six? How did Xfinity dunk on Dark Phoenix in their cable guide? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Claire Voyant, the Golden Age iteration of Black Widow, is available on Marvel: Contest of Champions.

Florida man and Batman impersonator Jack Asbury escorted a little girl to school after hearing she was bullied.

A new trailer for the upcoming Batwoman series on The CW gives us a colorful introduction to the characters.

Ghost Rider comic writer Donny Cates debunked a report saying a Cosmic Ghost Rider was being made.

The cast of Supergirl is assembled on the poster for the upcoming fifth season of the series returning this fall.

Christian Bale gave the same advice to Robert Pattinson that he did to Ben Affleck when playing Batman.

The PAC Dance Team featuring Advanced Dance from Walden Grove High School did a whole Marvel dance show.

Avengers: Endgame has set a new record as the longest-running theatrical release of 2019, and it’s still out there.

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