'The Bachelorette': Why Going on the Show for the Wrong Reasons is the Best Way to Win

We all know the saying, “you want what you can’t have.” This applies to everything from expensive clothing to high caloric food, and above all, potential significant others. No one really goes after the people who make it blatantly obvious that they are available. No, humans crave the chase.

You would think that on a show like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, the idea of the chase would be eliminated. Everyone there is supposedly single, available, and dying for the lead to choose them. But that’s actually not the case. Every season, there are a few people who are noticeably disinterested. And while that should be a huge turn off for the lead, who has people falling all over themselves to be with them, it actually draws them in. And in a couple of instances, results in them winning.

Cassie Randolph and Colon Underwood

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood’s relationship is a prime example of a person who didn’t particularly care about the lead winning it all. Underwood and Randolph definitely had a connection throughout the season, but it was nothing to write home about. In fact, when she did bring Underwood to her hometown, her dad pulled her aside and said that he didn’t feel like she was excited enough about Underwood.

On top of that, several of the other girls repeatedly told the former football player that Randolph was on the show just to be the Bachelorette! But instead of heeding their warnings, he fell for her.

Then, when she finally got so bored of being in the competition that she tried to go home, Underwood ran away from production and basically threw the biggest temper tantrum the show had ever seen.

Now, the couple is apparently happy together and taking things slow.

Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt

On Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, she had a number of men who were less than stellar. But she also had a few who were truly there for her like Peter Weber, Mike Johnson, and Tyler Cameron.

The one person who was obviously not there for love was musician Jed Wyatt. He even told the former beauty queen that he originally came onto the show to promote his career. But it just made her like him more.

“When a guy walks in with a guitar, they’re notorious for… you’re always [suspicious] of something,” she told Entertainment Tonight during the season. “But all I’ve wanted is someone to be honest and real with me, and he was that. And so, he did exactly what I asked for him to do. I admired that.”

In the end, despite a million red flags, Brown chose Wyatt and the two got engaged. Unfortunately, the engagement didn’t last past the airing of the show as Wyatt reportedly had another girlfriend the entire time he was filming.

“I am not with Jed anymore,” Brown said at The Bachelorette live finale. “The engagement is over, we are not together. That is not what I said yes to. When I said those things, the things that I said to him on my engagement date, I thought that was my day, and I feel like that was taken from me and how special that was, and it’s been really hard to gravel with that, but I know that what I got is not what I ever wanted for a life partner and love that is not built on a foundation of trust and honesty. I have grown so much, and I know I deserved more than that.”

So if you really want to win a season of The Bachelorette or Bachelor, just go on the show with no intentions of falling in love at all.

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