The Bachelors Genevie Mayo explains her sling in key scene

The Bachelor: ABC shares first look at Zach Shallcross in series

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ABC’s long-running dating reality show, The Bachelor returned to screens with Zach Shallcross hoping to find his true love. During episode three, fans were worried after Genevie Mayo accepted a rose with one arm in a sling, thankfully she has eased concerns after addressing her injury on social media. 

Season 27 of The Bachelor kicked off last month with 30 women competing against each other in hopes of becoming Zach’s fiancée. 

Among the competitors, neonatal nurse Genevie hoped to catch Zach’s attention and make a lasting impression. 

During episode three, this proved to be the case but as she accepted Zach’s rose during the prestigious ceremony, fans could help but notice her left arm was in a sling.

After viewers took to social media with concern, Genevie revealed her injury was the painful result of the group date. 

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Earlier in the episode, Zach wanted to spend quality time with the remaining 17 women and invited them on a group date. 

After receiving a card which read: “There are no rules in the game of love,” the women arrived at a football field. 

There Zach revealed he enlisted the help of former LA Chargers players Shawne Merriman and Antonio Gates to coach a game of full-tackle football known as Bachelor Bowl V. 

The ladies were split into two teams, and the group who won would get to accompany Zach to an afterparty, while the losing team would hop on the bus back to the mansion.

Although no major injuries were seen on screens, the women fought hard for Zach’s approval as there was blood and a broken nail. 

While the blue team were announced as the winners, viewers were surprised to see Genevie wearing a sling in the evening during the rose ceremony. 

After seeing the concerned tweets, Genevie took to social media confirming she sustained an injury during the football game. 

She tweeted: “Football is harder than it looks!! Especially being tackled by multiple girls. The shoulder definitely took a hard hit but we recovered eventually.”

The 26-year-old later took to Instagram and added: “Just here to remind the world of the body (and soul) I lost on that field #woundedwarrior #BachelorNation,” she captioned a picture on her Instagram story. 

According to Distractify, Genevie added another story and reshared a picture from her friend Clare which showed her accepting the rose with the sling. 

The post was captioned: “Sling won’t stop her from catching your man.”

To which Genevie then added: “That’s what I’m MF saying,” with laughing emojis. 

Although Genevie’s injury has yet to be addressed on screens, episode three ended with major drama at the mansion as tensions between Christina Mandrell and the other women boiled over. 

After Christina’s date with Zach consisted of meeting his family, the 27-year-old had been wearing the other ladies down by constantly talking about it.

As Zach offered Charity Lawson a rose, Christina chimed: “I’m just confused. I’m mad that it wasn’t me.” 

To which Brooklyn Willie erupted: “Every situation you turn it around on you…Have you ever considered literally just shutting the f*** up?”

The Bachelor season 27 continues Mondays on ABC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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