The Big Bang Theory: Penny detail links first and last episodes – did you spot it?

The Big Bang Theory peppered a number of references and hidden meanings throughout its 12 seasons of TV over the years. From callback jokes to cheeky video game references – the series is packed full of details which viewers will only notice if they look for them.

Most recently, viewers have been searching through the final season for some extra tidbits in the show.

And Reddit user Frazzle-DazzleOG seems to have picked up on a slight nod between the first and last episodes of the show.

When Penny Hofstadter (played by Kaley Cuoco) first came on scene in the show’s pilot episode, she was wearing a light blue shirt with a pattern over it.

The user has now pointed out Penny wore the same shirt in the final scene of the show, as well.

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They wrote: “Did anyone else notice that Penny in the finale was wearing the same T-shirt as she did in her first scene? Was I the only one?”

Other fans of the show explained they had noticed as well, and one went even further by teasing there are more connections throughout the two episodes.

However it is not yet clear what sort of connections these are.

As The Big Bang Theory is used to referencing itself and other genres of fiction, it makes sense for the show to touch upon its own story once again, in the form of the pilot.

Meanwhile, TV Insider recently posted a featurette included in the upcoming Blu-Ray and DVD sets.

The clip in question showed off an interview with Sheldon Cooper actor Jim Parsons, and creators of the show Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady.

During the clip, the trio can be seen discussing taking Jim on for the role of Sheldon, and how his first audition went.

Chuck began: “It was astonishing. I didn’t even believe it when it happened.

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“I never anticipated the character being the way he crafted it.

“It was funny, it was touching, it was real. So when that happens you say thank you God, book em’ and move on.”

Bill chimed in to confess he was always confident about the character.

He explained: “I said, filled with inexperience and enthusiasm, I said to Chuck ‘that’s the guy that’s the guy!’


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“Chuck said: ‘He’s gonna break your heart, he’s never gonna give you that performance again.’”

Luckily for fans, Jim continued to give the same level of performance throughout the next 12 years.

Later in the clip Jim spoke about what attracted him to the role, saying: “I really liked how they packed all this stuff into these little paragraphs that needed to be worked on and figured out.

The Big Bang Theory is available to stream on Netflix.

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