The Blacklist fans gobsmacked as major character is killed off

The Blacklist: Dr. Laken Perillos makes her return

This week’s instalment of NBC’s hit crime drama The Blacklist was full of twists and turns that kept fans on the edge of their seats all the way through to the end. 

The episode kicked off with the NSA discovering that the HexRoot program was uploaded before the Task Force got it back.

This revelation infuriated Senator Cynthia Panabaker (Deirdre Lovejoy) making her angry enough to tell Cooper (Harry Lennix) to bring Chang (Aaron Yoo) to her office so she could personally threaten him.

After calling him a “tiny troll,” she gave him a two-hour time limit and an ultimatum which was to either give up the location of Wujing (Chin Han) or otherwise be sent to a CIA black site.

Chang was then escorted back to TFHQ where the interrogation process began, and it quickly became clear that Chang would remain loyal to his boss by not giving up his location. 

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Meanwhile, Wujing wanted to get one up on Red (James Spader) which meant using HexRoot to get to the Task Force archive.

Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) pointed out that it is impossible to do so outside of the facility, saying: “What’s he going to do, attack a federal building?”

As the episode continued, Chang dramatically escaped TFHQ making it back to his boss to relay all information to him, like the location of the building which could’ve aided him in his mission to take down Red. 

Fans later learned that the TFHQ that Chang was taken to was actually a fake location, so in true Red Reddington-style, he remained one step ahead of his enemy. 

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The Task Force sat in the Fake TFHQ as they waited for Wujing’s forces to turn up after they received the information on where the building is located.

Wujing and his gang could then be seen walking out of the elevator and saw that the offices are empty.

Wujing walked over to a desk, picked up a familiar black fedora, and promptly received a shot to the head – killing him instantly. 

After enduring the rollercoaster of emotions in this week’s episode, fans took to Twitter to discuss the shocking twist that saw Wujing finally be taken out thanks to Red’s cunning plan.

One fan @The6Sixth_ wrote: “Wujing ended so unexpectedly without a shadow of doubt, without questions, without any sort of dialogue. I guess Redd was so done with him.”

Another user @MorenaKheleke noted: “So after S10E9, it’s safe to assume a position that Raymond Reddington will be killed by the FBI (they can’t arrest him because he will escape) It’s most likely that Dembe will be the one to put a bullet on Ray. Didn’t expect Wujing to go out that easy though.”

While @Brainiac_47 wrote: “Red always has a backup plan. Episode 9 S10, poor Wujing. #TheBlacklist.”

“Ain’t no way Wujing is dead…. #TheBlacklist” @Icekold1545 said in disbelief. 

And @miller2275 wrote: “Cold killer Red was back last night and I loved it! #TheBlacklist.” (sic)

The Blacklist season 10 continues on Sundays on NBC in the USA

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