The Circle's Tally says she'll be maid of honour at Manrika and ‘obsessed’ Syed's wedding

THE Circle's Tally says she'll be maid of honour at Manrika and "Syed's" wedding – who she says is "obsessed".

The doctor's receptionist was blocked from the Channel 4 reality show in Friday's tense episode after being put in the bottom two.

It came after Tally's best friend – and Geezer Gal – Manrika ranked her at the bottom to prevent her from blocking love interest and catfish Felix (played by Natalya).

However, there are no hard feelings between the Geezer Gals and Tally says she'll even be the the maid of honour for Manrika and "Syed" at their wedding.

Hashu – the 28-year-old who plays restaurant owner Syed – has a huge crush on Manrika, but can't say anything unless he reveals who he truly is.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun about the budding Circle romance, Tally said: "He’s completely obsessed. I would definitely be maid of honour. I’ll allow it!"

Despite being voted in the bottom two, Tally has no hard feelings towards Manrika.

She said: "She went in with every intention of winning and I admire that. I watched the previous series and they strategically vote in them.

"So I was well aware at some point someone was going to strategically vote against me, so I was prepared for that. And it was just a five second 'oh'. Then I was like, 'hang about, you are well deserving'.

"Nothing but a happy experience meeting her."

The pair also remain friends, with plans to meet up.

She added: "Obviously we can’t meet because of Covid. We FaceTime.

"We arranged to meet whenever we can, she’s going to come down to Brighton and I’m going to come up to Birmingham. We have the odd Corona over FaceTime."

As for who she wants to win The Circle, it's obviously between Manrika and Hashu.

She continued: "Manrika, I think she’s got a heart of gold no matter how fiery she is. I have to admire it.

"But, if Hashu was to win I’d be equally as happy. He would do nothing but good with that amount of money and he’s extremely humble and pure. I would be happy with either of them."

Hashu being a catfish didn't bother Tally, who said: "I kind of knew from the get go. Like I said, you’re in there, intense little experience, the whole show for me isn’t find catfish and get rid of them.

"It was find people you like, it doesn’t matter what you look like. With Syed, I thought that’s his dad and his uncle. If he’s looking up to them and admiring, that person is an icon to him.

"It’s kind of sweet. It’s really nice actually. I think it’s a lovely thing to do. If I could pull off being my dad I would. I just couldn’t do it. If someone quizzed me on something football related or who scored a goal for Brighton in 1930 I wouldn’t know."

The Circle continues Sunday to Friday, 10pm on Channel 4 and All4

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