The Crown: What age is Olivia Colman playing as the Queen? What years will she cover?

Season three of The Crown will be released in its entirety on Netflix on Sunday, November 17. The new series features an older cast of actors taking on the parts of the Royal Family with Olivia Colman fronting the drama as Queen Elizabeth II. The third outing will see the monarchy facing more trials and tribulations – but exactly what period will the show cover?

What age is Olivia Colman playing the Queen?

Colman, 45, will be playing the Queen at a later stage in her life compared to Claire Foy’s younger iteration.

Season three will be covering the years 1964 to 1976, according to Variety with numerous events depicted across this period.

The Queen was born in April 21, 1926, so in 1964 she would be around 38 or 39.

By the end of season three, viewers will see the Queen reach about 50.

Each season of The Crown covers around a decade of history, so by the end of Colman’s time in the role she will be in her early 60s.

Colman and the rest of the cast will be starring in the show for two seasons – so series three and four.

Much like their predecessors Foy and Matt Smith, they will be passing on the baton again after this.

Seasons five and six will again see another cast playing older incarnations of the Royal Family.

Filming is already taking place on season four which will feature Emma Corrin as a young Princess Diana and Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher.

The third season of The Crown will be covering some hard-hitting events, most notably the Aberfan Disaster of 1966 which saw 144 people killed including 116 children.

Other events include the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, Prince Charles’ (Josh O’Connor) investiture in 1969 and the breakdown of Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) and Lord Snowdon’s (Ben Daniels) marriage.

England will be in a state of chaos amid the beginning of the miners’ strikes and a downturn in the economy hitting Britain hard.

Speaking on this week’s edition of The Graham Norton Show, Colman reflected on preparing for playing the Queen, saying: “I did nothing, though I did have a movement coach, but still I walked like me, or rather like a farmer!”

She went on to reveal she’d met members of the Royal Family since she started working on The Crown.

Colman said: “I met Prince William at a dinner and he asked what I was doing at the moment before he quickly added, ‘Actually, I know what you’re doing’.

“I was so excited and asked, ‘Have you watched it?’

“His answer was a firm, ‘No.’ But he was very charming and very lovely.”

The Crown season 3 will be released on Netflix on November 17

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