The Employees of Cloud 9 Face New Challenges in 'Superstore' Season 5

Sneak peeks for season 5 of Superstore teased multiple challenges for the employees of Cloud 9. The premiere of the fifth season showed the employees have an uphill battle. So what happened in the season premiere of Superstore? Warning, this article contains spoilers for the season 5 premiere of Superstore.

Corporate introduces Cloud 9.0 in season 5 of ‘Superstore’

The biggest challenge the employees face in the season 5 premiere is the new initiative called Cloud 9.0. Corporate insists the store uses a robot to clean up spills. The employees realize they are replaceable with automation. To make matters worse for Glenn, the robot’s name is Glen.

As the episode goes on, the employees grapple with their hatred of the robot. Glenn tries to find spills to clean so the robot can’t and Cheyenne tackles the robot for knocking into a display Mateo made. The employees of Cloud 9 then decide to get rid of the robot and put it in a trash compacter.

Amy then comes up with the idea to have the robot fall from the roof instead of putting it in the trash compactor. In a twist, the robot does not break from the fall and simply rolls back inside. It seems the characters in Superstore will be fighting against automation for more of the season.

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Mateo is being held in a detention center

Superstore often incorporates current issues into its seasons. A running plot line showed Mateo discovering he is an undocumented immigrant. That comes to a head in season 4 when I.C.E. conducts a raid of the store and takes Mateo into custody. The season 5 premiere shows what happened to Mateo after season 4 ended.

Mateo is being kept in a detention center and the other characters in Superstore visit him when they can. When Cheyenne visits, Mateo reveals the conditions of the detention center are not good. In the heartbreaking scene, he says he just wants to go home.

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Amy changes her mind about unionizing multiple times in the season 5 premiere

In the season finale of the fourth season, Amy was hesitant about the employees of Cloud 9 unionizing. When Mateo is taken into custody by I.C.E., Amy changes her mind and asks Jonah if he wants to start a union. The fifth season premiere of Superstore shows Amy change her mind again.

While season 5 starts off just hours after season 4 ended, it then jumps to a few days after the I.C.E. raid. In those few days, Amy asks Jonah to postpone the talk of unionizing to keep corporate at bay. After visiting Mateo with Cheyenne, Amy changes her mind again. She comes up with the idea to destroy Glen, the Cloud 9.0 robot, without worrying about the consequences of corporate.

While Amy and Jonah often have the same goals for the store, they usually have different ways of approaching them. It seems this season will continue that part of their relationship with Amy being more hesitant to join the fight. While Jonah is always steadfast in his beliefs, Amy usually takes longer to come around.

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