The Mandalorian theories: Season two introduces surprise love interest for ‘Mando’

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Speculation about the second season of Disney Plus series The Mandalorian is still running wild. Star Wars fans are predicting several favourite characters will be making an appearance somewhere down the line, and one viewer is convinced ‘Mando’ could finally find his soulmate amongst them.

Subscribers were thrilled by the opening of The Mandalorian’s second season, which seemed to confirm the return of iconic character Boba Fett (played by Temuera Morrison) to the Star Wars universe.

As the series continues, reports are still suggesting some major players from the franchise’s extended canon will also be making an appearance.

This includes Rosario Dawson seemingly confirmed to be making Ahsoka Tano’s live-action debut over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, die-hard Star Wars aficionados are predicting both Captain Rex and fellow Mandalorian Sabine Wren will eventually make an appearance.

In the latest chapter, The Passenger, ‘Mando’/Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and the Child assisted an amphibious passenger and her cargo of eggs.

Their mission to grant the Frog Lady safe passage to an estuary moon named Trask took a nasty turn when their ship crash landed on an icy planet and they were attacked by a horde of giant spiders.

Although the series continues to be as exciting as ever, some fans may have been let down as there is still no sign of the supposed supporting cast of pre-existing characters.

However, as Din Djarin’s quest to discover more of his kind continues, viewers still remain convinced animated favourite Sabine Wren will eventually make her way to live action.

Plus, with a standalone Boba Fett series reportedly in the works, there are still plenty of opportunities to explore Star Wars’ wealth of heroes and villains in the future.

While Mando has sworn himself to the Mandalorian creed, remaining a steely and resourceful bounty hunter throughout the series, fans have been speculating whether the series would eventually introduce a love interest.

Some fans have already considered the possibility of Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano becoming a romantic option for the stoic hero when she’s eventually introduced.

Over on Reddit, one hopeful viewer also suggested Sabine Wren could be an ideal partner as a fellow Mandalorian warrior.

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Redditor spaceatlas1 posted: “Sabine Wren and Din Djarin are roughly the same age and she’s rumoured to be in this season. Do you guys think there might be a chance for romance?”

Ahead of the series premiere, a new trailer confirmed pro wrestler Sasha Banks would be joining The Mandalorian in an undisclosed role.

Noting her striking similarities to Clone Wars favourite Sabine Wren, rumours quickly surfaced that this is who the newcomer to the series would be portraying.

If this is true, the pair could eventually reunite and bond over their shared experiences and different interpretations of the Mandalorian creed.

Unfortunately, other fans weren’t so happy about the idea of introducing a forced love interest for the intimidating adventurer.

One replied: “The last thing this show needs is some tacky romance.” Though another admitted: “Their personalities don’t seem too compatible, but hey, opposites attract!”

With the second season gaining momentum, there could still be plenty of secrets to be revealed during Mando’s journey to protect the Child and find the rest of his kind.

The Mandalorian season 2 continues Friday, November 13 on Disney Plus.

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