The Repair Shops Dominic Chinea honoured to help with restoration

Jay Blades urges fans to sign up for The Repair Shop

Dominic Chinea recently hosted an Instagram Q&A over on the The Repair Shop page where he revealed the one restoration he was honoured to be part of.

Touching on his most proud and emotional item, he explained: “Most emotional story, wow! Everything that comes in here has obviously got an emotional story attached to it.

“I think the peat bucket really sticks in my head, it is quite a while ago now and if you haven’t seen it dig it out on iPlayer, have a look.

“But it was just such an amazing story and I was really really honoured and I felt really proud, really pleased to be able to help them.

“They were having a really tough time and it was really nice to be able to help them. It was a fairly straightforward fix so that was quite nice but they were really grateful and a lovely couple.”

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Viewers were also keen to know who Dominic preferred working with when in the barn, but staying professional he described it as “impossible”.

Laughing, he exclaimed: “Different people every day, there are different people and experts working in the barn every day.

“So if I could work with a different one of them every day I would… I really enjoy the collaboration of working with these people.

“Working alongside these amazing craftsmen, so yeah, it would change every day.”

Whilst the most recent series of The Repair Shop has just aired on BBC One, the team is already looking ahead at recruiting for their fourth Christmas special.

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Taking to his Instagram page, host Jay Blades asked: “We are looking for items that make us remember Christmases of yester-year.

“It can be absolutely anything, the items don’t have to be antique, but it must mean something to you and have a sentimental value which a repair would make a difference.”

This year has already seen two special episodes, marking the 75th anniversary of both the arrival of the Empire Windrush to the UK and the birth of the NHS.

Dominic added: “This year has been full of specials (and)… we’d love to finish off this year with another very special episode.

“In previous Christmases we’ve fixed a whole host of items, from instruments to a wartime Teddy Bear to a chopper bike – I can’t wait to see what comes through the door this year.

The Repair Shop is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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