The Repair Shops Dominic Chinea shares restoration hes terrified to work on

Behind the scenes of BBC’s The Repair Shop

Dominic Chinea took to the official The Repair Shop Instagram page to answer some questions from fans where he revealed the one restoration aspect he is “terrified” of.

When asked if there was anything he would dread working on, Dominic explained: “You would be surprised.

“I think a lot of people look at some of the things that I work on and they are like ‘How on earth are you going to do that?’ ‘Look at the state of that, it’s an absolute wreck’.

“Especially once I have taken them apart and cut them into pieces it’s like ‘What on earth? How are you going to do that?’ But that is kinda what I do day to day and that is fine.

“Things I dread are fragile things, I don’t go anywhere near Kirsten’s bench, I will not go in a 10-foot radius of her bench, anything glass absolutely terrifies me.

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“I haven’t got a great track record with the barber’s pole, that was already cracked I would like to add, that was already cracked I didn’t break it completely.

“But yeah, anything made of glass terrifies me.”

Dominic was also asked questions such as his favourite animal, whether he was a tea or coffee person and whether there had ever been a time they couldn’t fix an item.

Protecting their reputation and praising his co-stars, he revealed: “Come on, how many times have things come in that we can’t fix? None of course!

“You know what there is always a solution and I really strongly believe this, it may be a very long-winded approach, it may be expensive, it might be time-consuming but there is always an answer.

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“Quiet often there is an element that I can’t do but luckily we have got all the other people in the barn.

“And if they aren’t here we will get them in, whatever it takes we will do it to find a solution.”

Dominic also gave The Repair Shop fans an insight into the new series and posted two images, one showing the camera set up and one of him sitting behind his bench.

Co-star Will Kirk also posted that they were filming their Christmas special with a photo of him in a Santa hat and captioned it: “We are casting for Christmassy items at The Repair Shop.

“So if you have anything Christmassy at home that needs fixing, please get in touch.” (sic)

The Repair Shop is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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