The Rookie fans fume as series takes three-week break

Promo for The Rookie Season 5 Ep20

The fifth season of The Rookie is building up to another gripping finale, but John Nolan (played by Nathan Fillion) and his team still have several weeks to go before the series heads on summer break. Until then, the popular ABC drama is taking another midseason hiatus, and fans weren’t happy to find out they have to wait until the middle of April for another episode.

The next episode of The Rookie won’t air until Tuesday, April 18, leaving millions of viewers frustrated with yet another lengthy wait.

Throughout season five, the show has already taken several hiatuses, most recently February 28 to March 21.

ABC’s latest promo for the cop drama has now confirmed fans will have to suffer through another wait of nearly a month before the action continues.

To make matters worse, the network released a tantalising teaser trailer confirming the return of both Isabel Bradford (Mircea Monroe) and Skip Tracer Randy (Flula Borg).

After the promo dropped, @ssenigame fumed: “You’re telling me that I have to wait for another three weeks, but Isabel is back and is at Lucy Chen’s (Melissa O’Neil) apartment! Excuse me?”

Not seen since the first season of The Rookie, Isabel is Lucy’s boyfriend Tim Bradford’s (Eric Winter) ex-wife, and is bound to make things difficult for the fan favourite couple.

@AvsPackersFan exclaimed: “Isabel’s back!!! But we have to wait three weeks!”

@Stars_Hearts_ added: “Whoever thought of releasing that promo and then making us wait three weeks is an evil genius.”

“Skip Tracer Randy is back!!!” @charlieann78 tweeted. “But I got to wait three weeks?? What the hell?”

@Carlyx2022 said: “The waiting game AGAIN… three weeks!? What an emotional episode.”

And @tbsbob asked: “And why do we have to wait three weeks for a new Rookie??

“I just waited for new episodes just a couple of weeks ago! ARGH!!!!!”

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Details about the next episode, including a title and synopsis, are currently being kept under wraps.

However, the new trailer has promised plenty of chaos when Skip Tracer Randy returns, and an awkward situation for beloved pairing ‘Chenford’.

In the teaser, Randy calls up the team when he stumbles across a dead body and is mistakenly arrested for murder.

Later, he puts himself under more suspicion when he’s found with blood-stained hands next to a second dead body.

Calling up Nolan, he quips: “Are you familiar with the Britney Spears classic, Oops I Did It Again?”

Plus, Tim confesses to Lucy his ex-wife “needed to talk”, which could cause trouble for their new relationship in the weeks ahead.

Unfortunately, fans won’t get the chance to find out what happens next for nearly a month, but hopefully the popular couple sticks it out through this unexpected hurdle.

The Rookie season 5 continues Tuesdays on ABC in the USA and Thursdays on Sky Witness in the UK.

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