The Syndicate WILL return for fifth series reveals creator Kay Mellor

THE Syndicate WILL return for a fifth series it has been confirmed by creator Kay Mellor.

Each series of The Syndicate tells a different story about a different group of people winning the jackpot and how it affects their lives.

Viewers are currently lapping the current series which tells the tale of a group of kennel workers who win the lottery together.

Writer Kay has revealed that another instalment is on the horizon and has already started thinking of the new plot.

She told the Daily Star: “It took six years for the current series to come
to screen.

"But there’s something cooking. The ingredients are there, so it’s there. But
it’s not cooked up yet.”

The talented scriptwriter, who was awarded a Bafta award in 1997 for Outstanding Writing for Television, has created a string of successful dramas over the past 25 years.

She has left her mark on numerous successful TV dramas including Band Of
Gold, Playing the Field, Fat Friends and In The Club.

Kay has also teased that she has an exciting new project up her sleeve, hinting at another epic drama.

She added: "Before I do more of The Syndicate, I have something else I’m
cooking up.”

BBC One viewers have praised Kay's new drama, saying it's exactly the type of comedy we need right now.

Series four follows Keeley and her pals as they embark on a cat-and-mouse chase to track down local newsagent owner Frank (Neil Morrissey) in Monaco after he stole their £27 million jackpot.

It all starts after charming Frank who runs the newsagent, pockets the syndicates winning's and tells Keeley that she's only won £500.

He then jets to Monaco to start a new life – ditching his fiancé in the process and faking his death.

The group clock onto his misdemeanours and head off on a cat and mouse chase to track him down.

For most of the group the lottery winning's is their only lifeline, as each of them have their own financial struggle.

One fan posted: "I'm enjoying The Syndicate. Great characters, intriguing escapist storyline and beautiful Monaco locations."

Another shared: "Well done. Loved the characters on The Syndicate this evening."

A third agreed: "Enjoying this. Makes a change from murder stories. It's just a bit of Tues night fun."

Although the story does ring true for some lottery syndicates, the series isn't based on a real-life story.

In the first season, it is set in a Leeds supermarket, in the second, a public hospital in Bradford, and the third a crumbling stately home near Scarborough.

Catch the next episode of The Syndicate next Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One.

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