The Traitors’ Amanda details part of BBC show which ‘hurt’ the most

Last month BBC viewers watched as the new reality competition show The Traitors kicked off. With 22 people thrown into a Scottish castle, three people were given the task to stay undercover and “murder” the other players. Speaking exclusively to the Express, Traitor Amanda revealed how her role in the show took its toll.

In the first episode of the game show, Swansea estate agent Amanda Lovett was one of three people chosen by Claudia Winkleman to be a traitor.

Having to blend in with the other players, which were called faithfuls, the “murderous” trio had to gain people’s trust to avoid being eliminated during the round table segment.

Then at night, they’d secretly come together to pick off one of their teammates who would be booted off of the show.

However, as the group spent a considerable amount of time together, viewers watched as close friendships and bonds were formed between faithfuls and traitors.

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Having to get rid of people in the game that the traitors were growing close to, Amanda was asked if she ever felt guilt over her actions.

She replied: “In the beginning, I enjoyed playing the game, like going for a murder mystery weekend with my family or friends. 

“However, the longer the game went on the stronger the bonds became with people and yes I felt like I was lying rather than playing the game and that hurt.”

Despite picking off their friends throughout the competition, Amanda shared that there was only one regret she had while playing the game.

With tensions and suspicions getting intense halfway through the show, viewers saw the traitors start to turn on each other in a bid to save themselves.

As the faithfuls started to correctly point the finger towards Alyssa, the young student was thrown under the bus at one of the roundtables.

Despite trying to remain under the radar, people started to think her quiet nature was suspicious.

Wanting to deflect attention off of them, both Will and Amanda wrote Alyssa’s name down on their board with her being exposed as the first traitor.

Speaking to Express, about the decision to get rid of Amanda, she revealed her reasoning behind choosing to get rid of her.

She said: “My only regret is voting Alyssa out, as my mother was Irish and I could hear her from above shouting, ‘What are you doing girl?’

“I thought Alyssa was the weakest of the two so that’s why I chose to keep Will.”

However, Amanda ended up meeting the same fate as Alyssa when her fellow traitor Will threw her under the bus.

Although he promised he’d remain loyal to her, when the group started to turn on Amanda, Will decided to do the same.

After receiving the most votes in the group she was the second traitor the group managed to successfully catch.

Touching on the betrayal, she said: ““I always knew deep down he would throw me under the bus.

“However, I was disappointed as I thought we were a unit to protect one another.”

The Traitors is available to catch up on BBC iPlayer.

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