The Walking Dead has ‘decades and decades’ of storylines left as TV boss admits there’s no end in sight

THE Walking Dead has "decades and decades" of storylines left as a TV boss admits there’s no end in sight.

AMC's post-apocalyptic show has suffered a decline in ratings, but network CEO Josh Sapan believes the show is far from dead and buried.

Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference, he said: "We have an awful lot of life left in The Walking Dead.

"I mean decades and decades of life left."

The tenth season of The Walking Dead will hit our screens next month and will feature even more twists and turns for Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors.

Fans of the show will know that The Whisperers marked their territory in the most brutal way imaginable at the end of the season 8 finale, with a horrific mass decapitation.

Since then the show has undergone a time jump, but the allied communities continue to bear the scars of The Whisperers’ actions.

Show runner Angela Kang has teased that an entirely different kind of war will be waged against the masked villains in season 10, away from the usual guns and gore formula.

Instead, an escalation of propaganda and political tension will see the late Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) gang unified against a common foe.

Aside from Rick’s death, the plot line draws heavily from Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels, which form the basis of the TV adaptation.

“One of the great things from the comic book that we got really excited about, there’s this idea of propaganda and paranoia, and this idea of ‘silence the Whisperers,’ which [creator] Robert Kirkman played really well,” Kang explained to Entertainment Weekly.

“So there’s definitely a feeling as our group gets into this conflict that keeps building between the Whisperers that’s very different from how the Saviors war played out, where there’s just elements of paranoia but kind of a Cold War feel."

The Walking Dead season 10 kicks off on 6 Oct on AMC in the US, and 7 Oct on Fox in the UK.

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