The Who’s Roger Daltrey is set to undergo a throat operation to get his voice back in shape – The Sun

ROGER Daltrey is having an operation tomorrow to get his voice back in shape.

The Who legend, 75, will have his throat scraped to check for pre-cancerous cells almost a decade after having a growth removed from his vocal cords.

He told The Sun yesterday: “I can’t do much talking — I’m off for a voice op on Friday.” But he also reassured fans his hospital visit was routine.

The Who had to postpone a series of shows in the US in September when Roger lost his voice.

He told an audience in Houston: “I think I should quit while I’m ahead.”

Guitarist Pete Townshend, 74, apologised and added that Roger “cannot actually speak now”.

The singer noticed the problem with his voice in 2009 and was diagnosed with dysplasia — abnormal, precancerous cells in the vocal cords.

He has regular checks on his throat — including laser treatment — to remove any potential problems.

His doctor Rajiv Pandit said: “In Roger’s case, his dysplasia left untreated would have not only ruined his singing career but could have turned into cancer.”

The Who have been forced to change their performance schedules to accommodate Roger’s voice issues.

They now perform concerts every other night with no more than four gigs in a row.

The band are due to go on the road in the UK and Ireland from March 2020 before heading back to the States.

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