Tipping Point fans left in stitches as teacher contestant makes huge blunder

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    Tipping Point fans were left howling with laughter over a hilarious moment on the show.

    Primary school teacher Hanifa from London tried her luck to win the jackpot prize as she competed on Monday's edition (18 September) of the ITV game show, hosted by Ben Shepherd.

    However, she was left bemused when she was tasked with answering a question that relating to the end of the Cold War in 1989.

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    She was asked: "“At the Malta Summit in 1989, which US president declared the end of the Cold War?"

    However, viewers were left in hysterics by her response to the question, especially as she said at the start of the programme that she works in education.

    Hanifa declared: "I should know this as I did A Level history…I’m debating between two. J.F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln."

    The personality opted for J.F. Kennedy, however it was obvious to fans of the show that neither option she pondered was anywhere near the correct answer.

    John F. Kennedy was assassinated in a shooting in November 1963 whilst Abraham Lincoln led the United States through the American Civil War from 1861 until 1865.

    And watchers of the show took to social media in their droves with excitement as they giggled at the funny blunder.

    One fan laughed: "She studied A Level History and wasn't sure whether Abe Lincoln or JFK declared the Cold War over in 1989?? I love this programme."

    A second joked: "A level History, JFK in 1989 said that the Cold War was over. So what did Lee Harvey Oswald do then in 1963! #TippingPoint."

    "Oh yeah I’ll go for 2 dead presidents who weren’t even alive at the end of the Cold War!!," a third user sarcastically commented.

    Whilst a fourth fan said: "Hanifa was torn between Abraham Lincoln and JF Kennedy. She went for JF Kennedy. Correct answer – George HW Bush. Hanifa is a primary school teacher," along with a string of laughing emojis.

    And a fifth humorously added: "Flamingoes and Abraham Lincoln ended the Cold War #TippingPoint."

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