Tipping Points Ben Shephard cant help laughing as player makes huge blunder

Tipping Point presenter Ben Shephard couldn't contain his laughter during Tuesday's (August 8) instalment of the ITV show after one player's awkward blunder.

The daytime quiz show sees players go head-to-head to win a £10k jackpot by answering a series of questions to win counters to put into the arcade-style machine.

The opening round saw Paul, Jacqui, Amy and David battle it out, but red-faced David left both Ben and viewers in hysterics with his incorrect answer.

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Ten minutes into the broadcast, host Ben, 48, asked: "Because of its ability to walk on water, the basilisk lizard is sometimes known by the name of which religious figure?"

Under no pressure after his competitors had used up all their counters, David buzzed in with: "Gandhi?"

Ben began to smirk, as he responded: "Gandhi? It’s not Gandhi, no. It was Jesus Christ."

Clearly overcome with embarrassment as Paul, Jacqui and Amy could be heard giggling away, David gasped: "Oh my god."

Now laughing, Ben quipped: "He is a religious figure, just not the one we needed. The Gandhi lizard."

Viewers took to X – formerly known as Twitter – during the broadcast to vent their disbelief in poor David's answer.

One joked: "That lizard is nicknamed Ghandi as it walks on water…. wow what an answer…did his sandals get wet? #tippingpoint."

Another asked: "Ghandi famously walked on water. Seriously? #tippingpoint."

A third declared: "Ghandi….Jesus its Jesus #TippingPoint."

And a fourth said: "Jesus was before his time. #TippingPoint."

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Following the culmination of the second round, David, perhaps unsurprisingly was eliminated along with fellow hopeful, Amy.

Paul, meanwhile, made it to the final round after earning a cool £3,500, but decided not to gamble after being offered the chance to go for the programme's jackpot.

It proved to be the right decision as he walked away with the money.

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm.

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