Trevor Noah Torches Donald Trump Over “Snowballing” Impeachment Drama

From Trevor Noah’s vantage point, President Trump appears to be melting down over the House impeachment saga. For proof, The Daily Show host turned to the president’s Twitter feed.

“What started as a scandal about a call to Ukraine is now snowballing bigly,” Noah quipped Monday night. “I don’t know how Trump is dealing with this sh**. But judging by the 87 tweets he released over the weekend, it doesn’t seem like he’s taking it well.”

The comedian said Trump is getting hit with bad news on every front. The latest storm — a Monday report in the New York Times saying Trump pressed Australia’s prime minister to help Attorney General Bill Barr find the origins of Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Noah also pointed to polls that show a growing number of Americans favor impeachment — since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced last week she was launching an inquiry into Trump’s attempts to get Ukraine’s president to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son for corruption.

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Still, the Comedy Central star said there was some good news for Trump — his ride or die Republicans “will never leave his side.”

Noah tossed to clips of several Republican lawmakers defending Trump on national TV.

He found House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s interview last night on 60 Minutes particularly comical, after McCarthy took issue with Scott Pelley for including the word “though,” as Pelley recited the transcript of Trump’s call to Ukraine.

“You just added another word,” McCarthy said, before he was corrected by Pelley who told him “though” is included in the transcript.

“I love how he pounced on the journalist because he thought he had a moment. He thought he was going to exonerate Trump,” Noah said about McCarthy. “All he did was make things worse.”

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