Ulrika Jonsson, 53, strips completely naked and says she's 'reclaiming her body' in steamy selfie

ULRIKA Jonsson left little to the imagination after stripping completely naked on her Instagram Story earlier today.

The TV presenter, 53, took to her social media to share a revealing selfie of herself standing in front of a mirror with no clothes on.

The model looked amazing with not an inch of make-up on her face and made sure to angle the camera so that her modesty was covered.

Ulrika, who has previously been very open about her battles with depression, insomnia and memory loss when she hit the menopause, is clearly taking a bit more time make sure that her mental health is the best it can be.

She admitted that she's "reclaiming my body," but confessed that "reclaiming my mind is taking a bit more time".

This isn't the first time Ulrika has turned heads on social media with her controversial content.

Back in May the star joked that she was getting her "tiny t**s" out as she sunbathed in a bikini during lockdown.

She stripped down to a black two piece to soak up the sunshine in her back garden as we all stayed at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Sharing a selfie from her sun lounger, she commented: "Sun's out, tiny t*** out."

In the snap she tugged at her oversized bikini top and wore a white bucket hat to protect herself from the sun.

But little did she know that it would cause such controversy as people slammed her for topping up her tan during the pandemic.

She wrote in one of her columns for The Sun: "It turns out some people are either jealous or come over all irritated in the presence of a tan.

"There are those who appoint themselves the obsessively judgmental Tanning Police and regularly hand out penalty comments to strangers for premature ageing and for giving the colour mahogany a bad name."

Before adding: "I have no cause to justify my deep tan. I’m a Swede and was brought up in a country where you were lucky if you got five hours of daylight in the winter. That’s daylight which wouldn’t necessarily count as sunlight."

Then in September she shared a proud snap of herself posing in her "big pants" after vowing to ditch "dental floss" thongs for good.

Ulrika opted for comfort as she posed for a selfie in her bedroom wearing “apple catcher” underwear.

The former Gladiators host explained the real reason behind her underwear choice, saying: "Time to put my big girls’ pants on.

"Always preferred big Apple Catchers to Dental Floss anyway. I’m a comfort girl. Looks grim outside but got to crack on.

"Right now, I’d love someone to bring me a cuppa in bed but that ain’t happening. Gonna get my arse in gear and soldier on. applecatchers #dentalfloss."

But after posting the snap in her "mahoosive, Bridget Jones knickers," Ulrika had no idea that it would have caused such a reaction when she hit the share button.

She confessed in her column for The Sun: "Knickers have been the bane of my life. They’ve been nothing but the proverbial pain in the a**e.

"If I’m really honest, I’d like to get away with wearing no knickers at all — and do so whenever I can. It’s not a sexually provocative thing. It’s a comfort thing.

"Having to veil my vagina and shroud my undercarriage is almost some kind of mild, modern oppression.

"After all, up until the 1800s women weren’t wearing any underwear. My issue with underwear, too, is historic."

Over the years Ulrika has fronted many shows including Gladiators and The National Lottery after shooting to fame in 1989 as a weather presenter on TV-am.

She's also dipped her toe into the reality TV realm, where she won Celebrity Big Brother in 2009, ITV's Dancing On Ice and First Dates Hotel, just to name a few.

Ulrika was definitely pushed to her limits on the sixth series of Channel 4's Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins and decided to leave three days into filming.

Yesterday The Sun reported that the telly favourite found the gruelling tasks too much to handle.

A telly insider said: “SAS is notoriously the hardest show on telly and it pushes the celebs to their limits.

“Ulrika was so keen but not long after it started she had a meltdown and quit. She’s had a back issue and it was evident she wasn’t cut out for the tasks."







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