Vinnie Jones says X Factor boss Simon Cowell should get tattoos to toughen up after claiming he’s ‘gone soft’ – The Sun

VINNIE JONES wants to make Simon Cowell Mr Nasty again.

The footie hardman thinks X Factor boss Simon has “gone soft” compared to his early days on the show.

And before they lock horns on the X Factor: Celebrity this weekend, he has given Simon tips on how to intimidate once again.

Vinnie said: “He needs a bit of toughening up. He needs some tattoos around his neck, or a tattooed arm, that’s what he needs.

"And I know just the man . . . me.”

Well, to give you some ideas, Vinnie, we’ve mocked up Simon as he might look.

Former Wimbledon and Chelsea midfielder Vinnie plans to cause carnage on the show and hopes his antics will be so memorable that Simon might later give him a job as a judge on either Britain’s Got Talent or America’s Got Talent.

Meanwhile, Love Island stars Zara McDermott, Samira Mighty, Eyal Booker and Wes Nelson, who are competing in the show as a group, have now proudly revealed their TV stage name – No Love Lost.

No Brain Cells would have been more fitting.

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