Why Keira Knightley's Jealous of Jodie Comer From 'Killing Eve'

Keira Knightley is jealous of Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer. Why is the actress known for playing complex characters in period dramas envious of a relative newcomer (find out Comer’s net worth here)? Find out ahead. 

The 34-year old whose acting credits include the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise (she’s starred in the films alongside Golden Globe winner Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom), Pride and Prejudice (her performance garnered an Oscar nomination), The Imitation Game (for which she earned her yet another Oscar nomination as well as a Golden Globe nomination), and other films like the classic romantic comedy Love, Actually, revealed she felt jealous of Comer after watching binge-watching Killing Eve

According to Entertainment Weekly, Knightley confessed that she loved the 26-year-old’s performance as Villanelle or Oxana in the BBC America series, Killing Eve, a program that’s been cleaning up at awards shows since it premiered in April 2018. 

The hit series from Phoebe Waller-Bridge about a hired killer (Comer) and the woman trying to catch her (Sandra Oh) has won a Primetime Emmy, multiple BAFTAs, and a Golden Globe. It’s been nominated 64 times and Killing Eve’s not even in its third season. 

Keira Knightley wanted to play Villanelle, ‘really jealous’ of Comer

Knightley told Entertainment Weekly she wished she could’ve tried her acting chops at playing Villanelle, a character who Comer won’t confirm is a psychopath. 

“Sandra Oh is absolutely amazing, but that psycho killer [Jodie Comer’s Villanelle] is the only part that I’ve ever been really, really jealous that I didn’t play…. It is such a f***ing amazing psycho, I would really have liked to put my teeth into that,” Knightley said. “Jodie was f***ing amazing,” she added. 

The actress continued saying she especially loved a particular scene from Season 1 when Villanelle set her sights on a British intelligence agent who had been following her. She played a game of cat and mouse and eventually killed the character in a crowded night club. 

“I totally loved watching that moment when she turns around in the club and she kills [spoiler] and she’s like a shark coming through that club. I just loved that so much. That image is totally stuck in my head now,” Knightley added. 

After watching Seasons 1 and 2 of the show — Season 3 is in the works — we can say the role of Villanelle would be an especially exciting role for any actor because of the range of emotions they get to portray on screen. Comer’s Villanelle goes from funny to annoying to scary in a matter in seconds. It’s no wonder Knightley wanted to have a go at the role herself. 

Jodie Comer’s reaction to Knightley’s comment

When Comer learned that Knightley wanted to play Villanelle she reacted in a completely relatable way. In a one-word tweet, she summed everything up. “Whaaaaaaat!?” she wrote. 

We hope a guest spot on Killing Eve is in the future for Knightley.

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