Will Ferrell Gets Shaken By Ryan Reynolds on 'Saturday Night Live' in a Star-Studded But Middling Episode

Will Ferrell returning to Saturday Night Live to host the show for his fifth time. Usually that’s a big deal, but it’s not always depicted in sketch form on the show, and unfortunately this was one of those times where they glossed over it. But in the end Will Ferrell still had a blast being back on the show, and he got a little help from Ryan Reynolds as a surprise guest star, along with several familiar faces making one of the most star-studded political debate sketches in recent memory. How was the rest of the episode? Find out as we run through the best and worst sketches from the Will Ferrell hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

2020 Democratic Debate – It’s night and day when you compare the kind of satire SNL is able to produce when mocking the Democratic side of politics nowadays. If you need anymore evidence of that, just compare this outstanding debate sketch with a plethora of new and returning guest stars as the candidates to the cold open with Alec Baldwin and Donald Trump, where not even Will Ferrell could elevate the sketch that was dead on arrival But we’ll get to that. Just enjoyed this outstanding skewering of the crowded Democratic debate and pretend no other political sketch was done.

Party Song – There’s something that is always hilarious about Will Ferrell putting on a faux warm smile and acting like an unintentionally discomforting grown man. As an AP English teacher with marital problems attending a teen party, you can’t help but laugh and feel so sad for this guy. The increasing concern and confusion from Mikey Day and Cecily Strong only increases the hilarity. I’m torn on whether or not it would have been funnier if the lyrics rhymed all the time or if some of the comedy comes from them just breaking the musical act in that way. No matter, this was a great sketch.

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