Ariana Grande & Tinashe Urge Fans Not to Attend Halloween Parties Because of COVID-190

Ariana Grande and Tinashe are both speaking out with messages for their fans on Halloween to urge them not to attend crowded parties.

The United States broke a new record on October 30 by having the most new cases of COVID-19 in a single day. It also marked the first time that over 100,000 people tested positive for the virus in one day.

Tinashe tweeted, “these lil Halloween parties are not worth getting sick for. PLEASE … BE SAFE OUT THERE! USA hit a new record number of Covid cases in a day TODAY 👀.”

Ariana quoted the tweet and added, “this part. please dress up, take pics, but then get in your pjs and watch some scary movies. going to parties right now is unsafe and absolutely not worth it. please be safe. happy halloween everyone ! 🦇.”

You heard them! Take your Halloween costume photos, post them on your social media, and then stay home!

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