Bella Thorne’s Hair Stylist Castillo Is Latest to Join OnlyFans

Celebrity hair stylist Castillo is launching his OnlyFans page today in celebration of his birthday!

The 31-year-old hairdresser – who works with stars like Bella Thorne, Halle Berry, Ruby Rose, Iggy Azalea, and more – chose the OnlyFans platform because it’s uncensored and bullying is forbidden.

“When the pandemic forced us to stay home, I decided to make art. The world was disruptive, so I was inspired by that to create images outside my comfort zone, exploring my sexuality, pushing the boundaries with my gender. OnlyFans is the only platform I could release uncensored content without judgement,” Castillo said in a statement.

He continued, “I’m an artist. I’m sensitive. The sex workers on OnlyFans have paved the way for me and others to now play on their platform. It’s important that new creators joining OnlyFans celebrate sex workers by joining their fight to get OnlyFans to promise them that as long as there is an OnlyFans, sex workers will be welcomed, along with celebs and anyone else on the platform.”

Castillo’s subscription price to join his OnlyFans is just $5 a month to see exclusive content.

Bella recently made headlines when she joined OnlyFans. You might be surprised by how many celebrities are already on the platform!

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