COVID-Safety Voting Costing Cities Millions of Dollars

You’ve probably heard it a million times — this is the most important election of our lives — and it’s probably the most expensive too … based on the millions it’s costing to try to keep voters safe.

Get this … the estimated cost in L.A. County for this year’s general election is $91.7 million — $33 MILLION more than 2016’s price tag of $58.5 mil.

We’re told the added cost is the result of the massive amounts of products needed to clean and sanitize voting devices after each voter … along with all the soap, sanitizer and PPE provided for voters and workers.

There are also added operational costs in making voting locations socially-distant compliant … and special care for disabled voters or those with health vulnerabilities.

Houston’s experiencing a similar surge in general election costs this year compared to 2016 — $33.2 million up from just $4.06 mil … according to a spokesperson for Harris County.

Among the new expenses — providing PPE including masks, gloves, and a “finger condom” to all voters … because all the voting stations have electronic touch screens.

The county has set up 10 drive-thru voting centers where drivers use a portable voting machine that looks like an iPad … and those don’t come cheap either.

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