Darren Waller Recruits Aaron Rodgers To Raiders, 'If You Come, It's Gonna Be Lit'

Derek Carr out … Aaron Rodgers in?

If No. 4 is definitively on his way to being traded from Vegas this offseason … Raiders star Darren Waller is making it clear, he wants Rodgers to replace him.

In fact, the tight end is downright recruiting the Packers star to Nevada while under the assumption that Carr’s a goner … saying at Jay Glazer‘s Super Bowl party in Arizona this week, “If you come, it’s gonna be lit!”

aaron rodgers derek carr

Waller added in his pitch that Las Vegas is a better place to be than Green Bay “in most cases.”

“If he comes,” Waller said of Rodgers, “I’d be a happy camper.”

Of course, there’s a lot of pieces that would have to fall into place to make Waller’s wish come true. First, Carr would have to be traded. Then, Vegas would have to make a swap with the Packers for Rodgers.

But, Carr already appears to be on the verge of being moved — he just met with the Saints this week. And, all signs seem to be pointing toward Rodgers being jettisoned from Green Bay too (that is, if his isolation retreat leads him to one more year of football).

As for where Carr could end up — Waller told us he thinks the signal-caller might go to one of three spots … two of which are in the AFC.

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