Kate Garraway fears this has escalated as Adil Ray goes on GMB rant

GMB: Kate Garraway says chat with Adil Ray has 'escalated'

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Kate Garraway and Adil Ray were discussing an update that doggy bags were back in fashion on Friday’s instalment on Good Morning Britain. Diners in Britain are increasingly taking their restaurant leftovers home – even at Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck. Adil was fuming as he shared his opinion on people taking food home from dinner parties. 

Diners facing the cost-of-living crisis and campaigns to cut food waste are increasingly asking to take their leftovers home with them. 

Adil and Kate discussed whether asking to take home uneaten food should be banned and Adil had some strong opinions on the matter. 

Speaking about whether people should be allowed to take food home from dinner parties, he said: “No, you can’t say no and the worst thing is…”

Kate interrupted with: “You have budgeted your meals for the next five days!”

Adil continued: “Yes and obviously they have bought a Tupperware box and you end up using your Tupperware boxes.”

Kate joked: “Adil is absolutely rabid about the doggy bag debate!”

Her co-star admitted he was before continuing: “I have the boxes with the sides that click properly and they are not just empty margarine tubs.”

Kate, looking taken aback after Adil’s passionate rant, said: “I’ll tell you, this has escalated to a whole new direction.”

She tried to ask viewers to get in touch with their thoughts but had to hand the floor back to Adil as he continued his rant.

She laughed as Adil demanded his Tupperware box be returned and she ended the chat with: “It’s personal!”

Major chains such as Frankie & Benny’s, Wagamama, Pizza Express, Franco Manca and The Real Greek are all encouraging the use of doggy bags.

Unfortunately for friends of the GMB host, he is not as keen to offer out leftovers. 


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Viewers took to Twitter to share their views, with @AJ8malone saying: “I always take a Toby Carvery doggy bag home and by the XL plate but that is because I get to feed the dog also #GMB”

Sue added: “Well taking a doggy bag home is nothing new #gmb”

Glen Gorganzolla: “#GMB staff asking for a Doggy Bag? Don’t make me laugh. Doubt it as they earn Millions.”

Elsewhere on the show, the hosts spoke to a resident who had been forced to live in a mould-infested flat for 17 years. 

Alexandra Osei Bonsu lives in a mould-infested flat with her four children and she said the council has only come round once in all the years she has lived there. 

Since GMB contacted the council, they’ve been to the flat to start work on removing the mould.

Alexandra said it should not take things to get so bad and for others to intervene before the council takes action. 

The segment sparked debate amongst viewers as many of them could relate to her situation. 

Good Morning Britain airs on weekdays on ITV from 6am. 

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