Did Anyone Notice Jamie Lynn Spears Seemingly Drop A Big Hint On This Britney Spears Message??

Well this is awkward as f**k…

About a week ago, Britney Spears posted a picture of two kids looking through peepholes in a fence on her Instagram account, and launched into a long diatribe about how critical it is for kids to play outside.

But in the comments section her little sister seemingly called her out — by low-key dropping a hint that maybe Britney isn’t the one writing or posting anything online!?

It all started with this post (below) on the pop super star’s account, in which she wrote in part:

“If you lived on a ranch in the south growing up … which I never did … most kids play outside !!!! My cousins lived on a ranch and we would usually play outside but of course we always found our way back inside to build playhouses or play house for hours with our dolls !!!!”

From there, the Toxic singer went on a long-winded rant about how kids need to play outside — and stay away from technology — in order to really appreciate childhood and get the benefits of using their imaginations for fun and games.

As you can see (below), the Louisiana native’s post is long, but she does make a lot of good points:


A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears)


There’s just one (major) issue — Brit’s own little sister has literally no idea which cousin of their had a ranch growing up!

Check out this comment exchange where the former Zoey 101 star questions her momma and big sis over that supposed childhood ranch:


Is Jamie Lynn low-key calling out Britney for telling a little fib?! Or worse yet, is the younger Spears’ comment proof positive that Brit isn’t in control of her own social media?! It’s a question we’ve definitely covered in the past… as has basically the entire internet!

We’re not the only ones who found it strange, either.

Even other commenters at the time thought the whole thing was a little bit bizarre, judging by just some of the reactions in the rest of the comments section, which you can see down (below):

“Who is writing this?”


“ma’am what does this mean”

“Interesting choice of words here: protected, sense of loss, loss of curiosity in their eyes, escaping from the world…”

“There is a lot to unpack here”


Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

Where do U stand on this cousin’s ranch caper anyways?? Which cousin did have a ranch??? Did UR cousin have a ranch???

Does this lend more to the worried fan theory that someone else may be behind Spears’ account, or was Jamie Lynn just too young to remember?

Sound OFF with your take on this post, its possible author, and Jamie Lynn’s reaction down in the comments (below)…

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