Dr. Jill Biden was everyone’s favorite teacher-mom during her DNC speech

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Day #2 of the Democratic National Convention featured Joe Biden being formally nominated as the Democratic candidate, and the roll call of electors, which was all done virtually. There were several other big moments, like a big package for Dr. Jill Biden, who will hopefully be our next First Lady. I’ve always loved Dr. Biden! She just reminds me of my mom’s generation, specifically my mom’s generation of women educators and teachers. Even if I didn’t already know Dr. Biden is a teacher, I would know from the way she speaks and explains things. Here’s Dr. Biden’s full speech, with an appearance from Joe Biden at the end:

I also wanted to highlight the story of Jacquelyn Asbie, who got to be the one to “nominate” Joe Biden. Asbie is the New York Times elevator operator who blurted out “I love you” to Biden when he came by the NYT office earlier this year. She was caught on video, and Biden took a selfie with her. She was interviewed by the Washington Post, and she spoke about why she loves Biden and supports him and quite honestly, her interview made me cry: “I take powerful people up my elevator all the time. In the short time I spent with Joe Biden, I could tell he really saw me… He’s been through so much. And he doesn’t show it on the outside. He may feel it on the inside — and I’m that type of person.”

And here’s Colin Powell endorsing Joe Biden. It’s not really shocking? Powell has been endorsing Democrats for years now and he clearly loathes Donald Trump.

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