Eamonn Holmes blasts ITV as Phillip Schofield has finally been caught out

Eamonn Holmes reacts to Phillip Schofield leaving This Morning

Former This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes, 63, took aim at ITV on Twitter this evening, after Phillip Schofield resigned from the broadcaster while admitting he had “lied” about his affair with a younger colleague.

Eamonn claimed to his 1.1 million followers that bosses knew “what kind of man” Phillip was and did not take action.

The GB News presenter said in the tweet: “Schofield has finally been caught out, but he’s not the only guilty party.”

However, in response to Eamonn’s claims, ITV told Express.co.uk that they have been “badly let down” by the former This Morning presenter, following his “admissions of deceit”.

An ITV Spokesperson said: “We are deeply disappointed by the admissions of deceit made tonight by Phillip Schofield.

“The relationships we have with those we work with are based on trust. Philip made assurances to us which he now acknowledges were untrue and we feel badly let down.

“We accept his resignation from ITV and therefore can confirm that he will not be appearing on ITV as had previously been stated.”

It comes after Phillip today admitted to having a relationship with a much younger man who worked with him on This Morning, and had gone on to lie about it.

The TV presenter, who was still married to his wife Stephanie Lowe at the time of the relationship, describes it as “unwise but not illegal”.

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Phillip went on to admit that he lied to his employer ITV, to his colleagues, his friends and his agents at YMU.

He admitted to MailOnline in the statement: “In an effort to protect my ex-colleague I haven’t been truthful about the relationship. But my recent, unrelated, departure from This Morning fuelled speculation and raised questions which have been impacting him, so for his sake it is important for me to be honest now.

“I am painfully conscious that I have lied to my employers at ITV, to my colleagues and friends, to my agents, to the media and therefore the public and most importantly of all to my family. I am so very, very sorry, as I am for having been unfaithful to my wife.

“I have therefore decided to step down from the British Soap Awards, my last public commitment, and am resigning from ITV with immediate effect expressing my immense gratitude to them for all the amazing opportunities that they have given me.

“I will reflect on my very bad judgement in both participating in the relationship and then lying about it.”

It’s not the first time that Eamonn has hit out at Phillip Schofield, as he spoke out against the star and his co-host Holly Willoughby following his departure from This Morning last week.

Reacting to newspaper headlines saying Schofield had stepped down from the ITV show on GB News, the presenter mimicked Holly’s response to Phillip’s exit, after rumours of a rift between the co-presenters.

Eamonn mockingly said regarding Holly’s reaction to the news: “And she says: ‘Oh, the couch will not be the same without him being there’. Well she wanted him not there. So what is she moaning about. They deserve each other I suppose.

“Holly is being as false as he is and nobody is talking about the elephant in the room.

“She says ‘I thank him for all his knowledge, experience and humour’. All the things that she didn’t have when she came to the show. Well it’s true! I would call that stabbing in the back.

“I could give you a list of the lack of kindness and lack of awareness from both of them. How they would socialise, and the people around them. You just have to look at my phone, full of people who are glad to see the back of the two of them.”

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