Jenna Ortega Upsets Fans After Caught Smoking Cigarette in Viral Video

In the viral video, the 20-year-old actress, who plays Wednesday Addams on Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’, can be seen smoking while speaking to fellow actress Gideon Adlon.

AceShowbizJenna Ortega sent the Internet into a frenzy after footage of her smoking a cigarette went viral. In the shocking video, the 20-year-old “Wednesday” star could be seen smoking while speaking to fellow actress Gideon Adlon.

Gossip Bae claimed that the video was taken when the actress was having a mid-day outing in London’s Notting Hill. The Wednesday Addams depicter on the Netflix hit series donned a black top and a pair of khaki pants for the casual outing. She completed the look with a matching black shoulder bag and shades that she put on her head.

Fans had mixed responses to the clip, which garnered a staggering near 30 million views since it was posted. “I wonder how people born after 1997 start smoking cigarettes. With all the juuls and vapes available and flavors like cotton candy and gummy bear, what makes you go buy a pack of Marlboros?” one Twitter user questioned. “Smoking full on cigarettes at 20yrs old ???? Crazy.”

“Irdgaf that she smokes. But i think non americans have to realize that in the US young people smoking cigs is basically not a thing, it’s seen as a very uncool thing to do. Like i didn’t realize ppl my age still smoked cigs until i moved to europe and saw how common it was lol,” someone else opined.

Some others, however, didn’t think it was a big deal. “She’s literally just smoking as if this generation isn’t filled with people that vape 24/7,” a fan said. Another pointed out, “Y’all own guns in the U.S but draw the line when someone is smoking a cigarette.”

“okay? as if her smoking a cigarette is going to harm anyone but herself? have fun girly- better you than me,” another user defended Jenna. “It’s not that serious… like there’s literally bigger things to worry about,” someone else wrote, with another commenter saying, “Ppl just like to hate. As if she’s the only person on planet that smokes. Mind you own business , smh.”

Jenna, meanwhile, has yet to comment on the matter.

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